Sunday, April 24, 2011

Unfinished Thoughts

I found this blog I had written in February .... I don't even really remember writing it or where the thoughts were leading me... but it seems a shame to leave it in the 'draft' folder.
Thought I would share

                                                               * * * * * *

A projector has been turned on, a mass reel is turning, and I'm unable to stop it.
There is no sound, it is a silent feature.

Images flash and flicker against the wall. 

  • A house in Toronto with a plastic brick wall wallpaper in the kitchen.. my brother is about 2 years old and we jump on the bed together.
  • The townhouse in Burlington... the parking lot with my friends as I fall back into a car and smash my front teeth.. I blame a boy there whose name eludes me now... I was 7.
  • Tavistock... the basement, the furnace room with my best friend in our secret 'club' The birth of my little sister.
  • Burlington... the place I met my 2 best friends whom I am still friends with.. the place where I had my first kiss... my first boyfriend... my first drink...toke...drivers licence... rock concerts... high school angst...parties....trouble teen years....
  • Drumheller... more friends... more parties... more teenage angst.... yet a calming as I merge into adulthood with my taste of wine and more mature friendships..
  • England and France my grandparents.. images are many as they flash across my wall... and slip into the past as a young girl with my Nana and the trips to the laundry matt and bubbly gum.
I wipe the tears away as the memories come flooding back, and although they pass quickly it is my more recent memories that seem to be flying by at a pace that feels uncontrollable

  • Hubby.... the wedding.... our cockroach filled apartment in Toronto... the moldy basement apartment in Oakville...
  • Sheridan College... my good friend who opened my eyes to the many different living styles that take place around us
  • The birth of my beautiful children
  • Losses... my grandfather, my Nana F, our Pappa... a young friend.... a close, very close, girl friend... the heart being chipped away with the pain of loss... yet carrying on with the scars as we live in the moment that is given to us.

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