Thursday, October 21, 2010


I have this belief... and yes I know it is an odd one.

We are made up of strings.  Strings that float around us, through us, from us. They entwine around us and each other.
Strings from our souls, our hearts, our heads.
Strings that form braids when mixed with the people and creatures that we love and care about.
Knots form on the strings from those we call family.
Strings like umbilical cords that are wrapped tightly around our hearts and attached to our children, these are strings that unravel easily as our children leave home, yet never come completely undone, caught by that knot.

Lately I was ensnared by a string I didn't see coming.  This string made it's way up my leg and was completely unnoticed until it started tightening around my waist.
This string, lets call it my bad luck string has been a very hard one to break.... I can see the changes in texture of when happenings occurred.

There.. that is when my Jimmy broke down... and that line, see it? That is the trucks transmission... the darkest section is our loss of Oaky.

Well you understand, you can see.

I've tried everything I can think of to shake this string, but sadly it looks as though it will take it's own course as it travels upward.  The more I struggle the tighter its hold is on me.
I just hope I'm ready for the inevitable twist around the neck and head... I will survive.. but until then.......

..... where are those scissors??

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

What a Life

Imagine being able to run like the wind?
Running up front leading the way, flying along without a care in the world.

Having had many children and they all excel in what you were born and bred to do?

The adventures that were seen, the many different trails that led in so many wonderful places.
The thrill of the race.  The joy that it would bring making you leap and strain to get going 'right now!'

Then as you age you move to a new home with less noise, less craziness yet are still able to play with and boss around 3 young ones as though they were your ow

As you age and your joints get stiff you are allowed to come and lay on the soft cushions that are set out just for you, an extra helping of meat or even better two cookies in one night!

It was a good life.

Two homes with many who cared for and loved you.

Our Oaky... the Oakinator... My pokey Oaky....
The funny way you used to rub your head all over my hair..... the way you hated your head touched, well unless you said it was okay.
You used to love going for walks, smelling everything you could... and pooping while you walked making us humans step in it when we had not realized you were going (I'm pretty sure you did that on purpose!).
You loved to lay in the sun and your face almost seemed to smile in the warmth.

My Oaky... the girl who saved my boy... led him on many wonderful adventures.. some with tangled memories of pups and line all mixed together while they all awaited help.. Oaky so patient just sitting there.
Oaky who led my boy on a few races himself.. .taught him how to mush.  Taught him how to care deeply after she ran away for 2 days, coming back covered in oil.

You will be missed Oaky.
                                                   Oaky July 1996 to October 2010

Monday, October 11, 2010

What I am MOST Thankful for

Being that it is Thanksgiving and all I have been thinking a lot of what I'm thankful for.

The list is endless... from the small and obvious.. like being thankful for my thumbs to the roof over my head and the food in my cupboards.. to my family and friends and good health.

There are not many things I am not thankful for... apart from mice in my house and spiders that have moved indoors for the winter I cannot think of much to not be thankful for.
I am one lucky 'dudette' that is for sure.
Sure I could use money in my bank account... a working car would be nice... new glasses to see better would be a bonus too... but these are all material things that one day I will have... or not... whatever.

In all this thankfulness thinkings I started reflecting on my life and what I've had to be thankful for over the years.
And the memories came flooding back.... my brain, my dreams began reminicing the past.... Faces and names pouring in making me smile and feel sad all at once.
It opened up my endless list of thankfulls and created more to be thankful for that it almost became overwhelming.
So I wondered.. what am I MOST thankful for.  It was hard, but this is what I discovered about me.

1. If it were not for the medical breakthroughs available in our modern world I would not be here today.  Neither would my daughter for that matter.... we would have never made it through the birthing experience... and IF we had then it is most definite my son wouldn't be here today.
I am MOST thankful for the miracles of modern science, the doctors and nurses.  Because of them I am still here and have just spent the last 22 1/2 years in the company of 2 beautiful children.

2. My patience... I am most grateful for this attribute... without it I don't think I could have survived normal family life..... I LOVE my family, but you must admit I grew up in a very eccentric household (who hasn't), the trials of life consumed our family... then I had teenagers... and owned a business made up of teenage staff... I now own 5 dogs... should I go on?  Without patience there are events within my life that would have overwhelmed me.

3.  Creativity... I love the 'difference' that is my family.. how I grew up and how I've raised my own family.   I do not enjoy being like everyone else.  My house screams creativity (my excuse for a messy house), I like that we (my family) want to explore and try new things .... singing Indian Raga's, Dreds in the hair, Wearing lime green suits to Grad, dog sledding as a hobby... shall I go on?

4. Family.... this tops my list of what to be thankful for.... always.... and lately I've become aware of family from all over the world.  I would love to connect and re-connect with them all.  Which brings me to being thankful for Facebook. A source that has made it amazingly easy to connect with family and stay connected....

5. Bringing me to Friends... I am blessed to have so many, from so many areas of my life.  Each and every friend means so much to me.
I have friends from the young age of 15 to 80.
I have friends whom I've known since I was 8 and friends who I've actually never even met, yet talk to almost daily on facebook.
I need to have many friends in my life... it is what makes me who I am.

AND all of this brings me back to #1.

Modern Science.... without it I would not be here to enjoy any of what life has to offer... and for that I am most thankful for.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

The Splinter

It's in the base of my 'pointy' finger.

Deep in the flesh, under the skin.... way under the skin.

Red, swollen and throbbing... and big too.  I can feel it when I run my finger over top.
But darned if I can get the thing out... I've dug at it with pins and needles.. and even tried using an exacto knife.
It just won't come out.
So last night the hubby put his moms poultice trick on it... bread soaked in warm water wrapped around my finger to stay on until morning.

Stupid splinter is still in there.... guessing it's Celiac.

Well... my lesson for the day... what I've learned from a splinter.

Splinters do not care if you are black or white, male or female, or what background you have come from.
They will 'stick' by your side through thick or thin.

We could all learn from a splinter.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Ten Things I Learned from My Dogs

I've been thinking lots about my life lately... and how lucky I am.

However due to some 'bad' luck I've been feeling a bit sorry for myself.... so I started to create lists of why I should be thankful.. happy..
Lessons in life to keep me on the straight and narrow so to speak.

I thought I would start sharing them here in my blog.... rather than keeping them locked up in a journal, here they may help others in a 'funk' too.

I am going to start with one that is close to my heart right now.....

Ten Things I Learned from my Dogs

1. Enjoy each meal as though it was cooked by a top chef, enjoying each mouthful even though it is the same day after day.

2. While on the topic of food....Love and I mean LOVE the other treats that come your way, even if it is a dried pigs ear!

3. Forgive and Forget

4. Greet your family and friends as though they are the most important person in your life at that moment

5. Be loyal to family and friends

6. Take time to lay in the sunshine.....everyday!

7. RUN ..... always.... and like the wind... but stop quickly if you see or smell something that catches your interest.

8.  No matter how annoying the train is... sing along with it to make it sound better.

9.  If something smells good... roll in it so that you will smell it all day long... it will keep you happy.

10. Always be happy no matter how hard your day may have been or how nasty that person was to you... smile and move on.

Owning a dog... many dogs... has filled my life with much love, happiness and joy.
But also sorrow as sadly dogs do not live as long as us humans.  This end comes much too quickly and it is so hard to say goodbye.

Just last year we said goodbye to my girl Emily... my sister dog Rosie.... and now time is too quickly approaching for my old girl Oaky and brother dog Barkley.
Even dogs get that big C which makes life so sad and hard..... but no matter how tough it is Oaky smiles through it all loving the cuddling on the couch and that extra cookie each evening.