Friday, December 30, 2011

My Dog Ate My Homework!!

Puppies will be puppies.

They are naughty as they learn their ranking in the pack.

They teeth so they chew.... everything!  Including holes through the carpet into the floor boards, sigh.

Thing is I am thinking that at 8 months old the teething should be pretty much finished... no?
Perhaps it is, or perhaps it is not..... in any case Rigby chews a lot.   It is pretty much non-stop in our house.

 He chews while hanging on the couch.

           He chews outside in the yard.   
                                                                                                He chews anywhere!!!!

Problem though isn't so much with the chewing, as long as he is chewing things that are human approved, the trouble lies in that when he is finished chewing he will actually swallow the item!!

I am qute worried about our Rigby.  Having a constant watch on what he is pooping and how much.  This dog has swallowed small chew bones, socks, mittens, strips of material, sticks, pieces of stuffed animals, bottle caps..... well you name it is has been swallowed!

I do feed my dogs... really I do.

So, if I ever tell you I've lost something because my dog ate it... believe me, he probably did!!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

'Tis the Season

He was safe.

Her arms encircled him holding him tight. 
Keeping him warm and happy.

All he ever knew was this place.
With her.
As long as they were together everything would be right in his world.

The days were getting hectic, so much was going on around him.
It was confusing, but okay as long as she stayed within his sight.
Changes were always taking place in his world, and this was no exception. 
The house took on a new atmosphere with new sights and new smells to engulf him in his small world, and although changes can be scary this was kind of exciting.  
So much to explore.

The day started off as any other.
Breakfast with the love of his life, bathing, getting dressed, you know the normal beginnings to any normal weekend.  On this particular day they were heading out to somewhere new.

So many people, so many sounds.
Keeping her in his sight he took in everything with wonder.

Then without any warning he was pulled away from the only comfort he had ever known and was thrust into some strange mans arms.
A man with hair that covered most of his face, a large man, a strange man.
Panic set in.
NO! This could not be happening, he wanted.. no.. he NEEDED to be back in the safety of his own world.  He struggled but to no avail, he was not able to escape.  Realizing this he did the only thing he knew of... he cried, and he cried hard.
Someone would have to save him, put him back into the arms of the one and only.
His mother.

JJ's first Christmas picture with Santa.

Thursday, December 1, 2011


What the hell???

I am up early (what's new??) .. way too early.
Sitting here stewing over things that normally do not bother me.

Finally Hubby and the puppies awake and it's time to go out with the big kids for our morning walk/run play time.
I head up stairs to get changed into my play clothes and burst into tears.

Sitting on the edge of the bed I ask myself why... why in shits sake are you blubbering like a baby????!!!??
....and I answer myself with "I don't wanna go outside with the dogs!! I go out every day, morning and night, it's not fair that I have to go out every day!!"  There is a definite whine to my voice.

Getting up and wiping tears from my face I go and tell Ray he and the furry kids are on their own today.  I just am not going out.
Then I burst into tears again.

What in the world????

I haven't had to deal with these emotions flooding my system in months... I seem to have been on a good swing lately. 

Oh the joys of PMSing ... when will I stop this already?
I'm never gonna have anymore kids!
I'm old enough already for this to stop and go away already!

Fuck it... where's the chocolate???  WHERE IS THE CHOCOLATE?!!??
NO!! Wait... I don't want chocolate... I want... I want... crap! I don't know what I want....

oh bloody hell... here comes those tears again!!

Take me to my Happy Place!!

I've recently encountered someone who doesn't like me.

In fact I think this person down right loathes me.

Normally this sort of thing doesn't bother me, I'd shrug my shoulders and carry on.  After all in life not everyone is going to like every person.  I know I've met those whom I didn't care for and wouldn't want to spend time with.

This time however it does affect me in a personal way.  I don't want to go into details, but due to this hate on they have for me it has changed the way I do business in this particular field.  
That is what has bothered me.  The fact that I've let it change what I do.

An anger is building up inside me and I want to run down the streets with a bullhorn and let everyone know what they have been doing. I know things that only a couple of us know... a secret that could damage them in a huge way.
I want to.  But I wont.
That is not me..... and knowing who I am I know this negative feeling will pass, I will find it in my heart to let it go.

It has to happen because this anger is like poison in my body and I hate the feeling of it coursing through my veins.
Life is too short to feel so much enmity.

Still it bugs me to no end that this arse can get away with what they do.  I suppose soon enough they will be seen by others for what they really are on their own and will not need help from me.

So in the meantime I shall continue to breath in and out.
Close my eyes and go to my happy place.
snow, mountains, dogs, good friends, clear cool crisp skies.... my happy place.