Thursday, December 1, 2011


What the hell???

I am up early (what's new??) .. way too early.
Sitting here stewing over things that normally do not bother me.

Finally Hubby and the puppies awake and it's time to go out with the big kids for our morning walk/run play time.
I head up stairs to get changed into my play clothes and burst into tears.

Sitting on the edge of the bed I ask myself why... why in shits sake are you blubbering like a baby????!!!??
....and I answer myself with "I don't wanna go outside with the dogs!! I go out every day, morning and night, it's not fair that I have to go out every day!!"  There is a definite whine to my voice.

Getting up and wiping tears from my face I go and tell Ray he and the furry kids are on their own today.  I just am not going out.
Then I burst into tears again.

What in the world????

I haven't had to deal with these emotions flooding my system in months... I seem to have been on a good swing lately. 

Oh the joys of PMSing ... when will I stop this already?
I'm never gonna have anymore kids!
I'm old enough already for this to stop and go away already!

Fuck it... where's the chocolate???  WHERE IS THE CHOCOLATE?!!??
NO!! Wait... I don't want chocolate... I want... I want... crap! I don't know what I want....

oh bloody hell... here comes those tears again!!

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