Tuesday, October 29, 2013


I am trying something new... Writing from my new phone. So bear with me through this learning curve.

It has been a long while since I have expressed myself in print.  To be honest with you I have been discouraged, disappointed, and not very proud of myself.  I felt as though I had given up and let everyone down.

Eating humble pie is not tasting very good at this juncture of my life.... So I have made the decision to spit it out and take a giant leap of faith.

I will be working towards finding sponsors to help me with the goal of getting to the Percy this year... And dear reader if you are able to help me out and spread the word I would be ever so grateful.

The newnessness (I know, NOT a real word) of using my phone and now asking for help is like taking a walk down a new road for me, and it is scary.

New harnesses are first on my list, these will be ordered this week... I have 3 dogs that are in need and I have no choice. As for myself, clothing to be worn in the frigid temps while skiing is needed along with new skis.

For those who don't know the sad story about how all my saved money was lost you will have to wait for another blog. It is a story perfect for Halloween.... A very scary tale for sure.

So for now I shall end this entry with a plea... Even if it seems more like I am begging... Please help me find some sponsors so that I can get myself and my small team of dogs to the Percy...an adventure we have been working toward the last 2 years... My sad story will come out if that helps.

But for now... Look into my fur kids eyes and tell him we WILL get to the Yukon this March!