Thursday, January 27, 2011

and a Good morning to You!!!

I don't have much time to write this morning as I'm 'officially' heading to work on my first day.
Yes, you read correctly.... I'm going to work.
I am looking forward to it as well, I get to hang out with a young friend for the day as we head to the city to deliver papers. 

But this is not why I'm writing this morning and I know some of you are thinking, "wait!!! A job? You? Who have not worked formally since.. well not counting working for the ole' man, since July!!??!! Do tell!"
However that is a story for another day, sorry.

No this morning I need to complain... vent... rant... whatever you want to call it I need to release with words.

I was out for my morning walk with Rocky and Molly this morning.  A warm wind blowing, which although great to walk in, is not ideal for me as I'd rather be sledding, but that's not what I surprisingly want to gripe about.
I know! Me not complain about warm winter winds??

The three of us were enjoying our walk with the many smells and sights that are to be seen in our small town.  Nothing I thought could bring me down on such a wonderful morning with two happy dogs. That is until we met up with two women walkers.
I don't know who they were, but all I know is they are in serious need of happy pills. 
As we approached I held Rocky back who loves to greet everyone with a kiss and smiling wished them a good morning.  Instead of a verbal greeting of any kind I was treated to a scowl from both women.

Wow... what has happened in their lives to make them so miserable?
Maybe they were not breast fed as infants.
Perhaps their parents neglected them.
They could be in serious need of good sex.
Or it might be as simple as they work for the government.

In any case... how hard is it to say hi? or good morning?

I cannot believe how incredibly grumpy that made me feel for the rest of our walk.

So if you are out and about today and meet up with two women who have no idea how to smile perhaps give them a hug from me... that would probably ruin their day... but would make me feel so much better.

Sunday, January 23, 2011


I so totally believe in the power of smiling.  When I'm feeling down in the dumps and someone can make me smile even just a little it makes me feel good inside.  It may not take away my funk completely but if it was only a glimmer of a happy feeling then that is better than none.                                                                       

AND I love making others smile.. that ALWAYS makes me happy..... so come on everyone get out your pencils and smile!!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Mollys Muse II

Okay, I tell you, I just don't get it!
So I hurt my foot.
Why does musher lady stop me from running with the team?
She even gets all worried when I run around the back yard.

I will admit it must have freaked me out a little last week when I pulled the muscle or tendon or whatever it is inside my back foot.  But all I do is lift the foot up and I can run just as fast on 3 feet as 4.
NO... instead musher lady takes me to this really scary horrible smelling place with slippery floors where some lady they called a vet plays around with my leg.
THEN as if that wasn't bad enough this lady person takes me away from my human (who I do love very much even IF she brought me here) and wants to lay me down under a really scary machine.

Well I made them know I was scared and mad... I yelled at the top of my lungs.
It was very frightening, you have to believe me. And my human told me after that she was really upset hearing me, so she knows.
Although when it was all done the not so nice lady gave me some treats that were pretty yummy.

But now I am not allowed to run around or go sledding which is my favoritist thing in the whole wide world until my foot gets better.
Not sure when that will be cause when the medicine that I get for dinner wears off my foot is a little sore I must admit.

I was kind of glad when the temperatures got warmer out and water started dripping from the tops of things as this means we don't go sledding (since I can't go no one can!!)
AND to make things even better for me some water started falling out of the sky.. ha ha.. take that the rest of you.
It did make me feel kind of bad to think that way when my musher lady was almost sad enough to have water come out of her eyes.
She kept saying something about a race next week and this weather was bad for it....... well....... if I can't race then.... well you know the rest.

'sigh' Alright I'll try my best to be good and watch from inside the truck.  I'll be good but I won't be happy!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Life with Dogs

I love my dogs..yes I do.. really.

How can you not love these two innocent pups?

My fault really for not paying attention and leaving my 'things' laying around.
'Things' to a dog are just toys. Especially when left IN their kennel.

What the yaktrax is suppose to look like.

What it looks like now.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Run Dogs Run!!

I stole the line for my title from a musher friend of mine, Kevin.  A terrific man who adopts rescue Sibes and has them so well trained to, well,  in his words, Run Dogs Run!!


Thought I'd share my adventure today... why?  Well perhaps because it was one of the best runs we have had yet this year and I just needed to tell someone.

Ray ever so kindly (what a great husband) came home early from the shop so that we could take our furry kids on a long over due run. 
The temperature has been sitting in the mid minus 20's for what seems like ages now with wind chills hovering in the low minus 30 mark.  Yes I know... for those of you who know me.... it is colder up in the Yukon and yes  I would love to experience the minus 40's, 50's and even 60's and one day will, but for now allow me to complain.
I live in an area where we do experience Chinooks and + temperatures during our winters and don't get me wrong I do NOT want + temps right now.. but I would much prefer some -10 or even -15 out there.

In any case, it was chilly while we dropped the dogs and got the sled ready.
While hooking up our very excited pups Molly decided to try and take a chunk out of Penny.  I was so discouraged thinking we were passed this stage on our runs.  So out came the muzzle and the fight to put it on the un ruly Molly... she would have none of it and kept ripping it off (I just don't get how those things are suppose to stay on their faces).
So much to my dismay and with Rays encouragement we left without them in place.

I didn't have to worry, although I spent much of the run with my eye on the tug lines in case they went too slack.

The pups had an amazing run.
Penny kept a tight tug line and even pooped on the run!!
Now I know what an odd thing this is to get excited about, at least for those of you who do not run dogs. And for those of you who have never run a team what it means is that the dogs can poop while running, never missing a beat in their step, quite a feat that I doubt a human can achieve.
Our Miss Penny always has stopped the team to take care of mother natures calling and in some cases without me paying attention we have tangled lines with the sudden stops... so you can maybe understand my excitement over this new trick she has learned.
It was all I could do to not stop them all just to go over and hug her, which of course I did not.. instead I praised her like a 3 year old who has just become totally potty trained.
What a proud musher mommy moment.

Speaking of poop.  Poor little Molly ended up with the runs on our little trekk.  This can be caused from a whole range of things, I wasn't worried too much as it was a short 4 mile run.. however the poor girl ended up getting covered.
Her tug line was frozen shut with poop as well which led to having to hold it in my hand while I warmed it up enough to thaw and open... yeah, I know gross!! However I cheated and used a poop bag that I held over top so my hands didn't actually get covered (this time)
Molly is fine for those of you wondering... I am not sure what caused it to begin with, but the runs are gone now.
I do know I was thankful for the cold temperatures when it came time to put her in the dog box as the poop was frozen to the hairs.. and again for those of you wondering... when we got home she rolled it all off of her in the snow.
                               Well the dogs AND the poop were really flying on our little training run. 

I was so proud of the pups today, they all ran hard and with the exception of Molly's runs they all looked great.
It was cold.... the cold that I do like while running dogs.  There is not a better feeling than the weight of the ice/frost forming on the eye lashes.  If I held my eyes closed the lids would stick together.  Yeah, I know I am insane, but it really is a neat feeling.
I also like the change in the light at this time of night, the dusky feel to the surroundings.  Everything becomes quiet somehow.

Anyhow... I just wanted to share my run with you dear reader. 
I look forward to the next one, this time with the racing sled, then we can really Run Dogs Run!!!!

Friday, January 14, 2011

4 am Blues

I lay on my back staring up at the ceiling listening to my hubby's breathing... good Lord he's NOT snoring for a change!
But then why am I awake?

What is it about my brain/ body that I cannot stay in the land of slumber?
I love to sleep, I love being curled up under my down duvet all snug and warm.
Then why am I awake?

There have been some new stresses to my life, suppose that could be it.
But they were not even in my head while I laid there.
Why am I awake?

I sit here at the computer staring at the screen not really thinking.
My eyes are heavy feeling oh so tired.
Am I awake?

My thoughts cloud over with my daily stresses, filling my head.
My stomach turns with all I need to still do.
I awake!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Passing Panic

Only 16 days to our first 'real' race of the season.

I'm a little freaked out that we haven't done any passing training at all this season.
And my Miss Penny is a terror with getting around other dogs, one more excuse to fool around and not work.

My hands get sweaty and my heart races just thinking about the race at the end of the month... and now... I'm at a loss as to how I'll get to a trail for training in the next 2 weeks.

                                                            "What???  I'm Innocent I tell  you"

Monday, January 10, 2011


I was laying on my back looking up at the sky .. yes, I know it was -20 out, but my sanity is not in question here... looking up at the sky my head full of thoughts.

The dogs were romping  and playing around me, sneaking in a quick kiss now and then enjoying life as only a dog can.
The winter sun was low in the sky as it readied itself for the journey to the west, off to distant lands where the day is just beginning.
My thoughts were not ones that I had wished to be ever pondering at this point in my life, another story for another time....and I could feel my mood beginning to slip when I noticed the trees.

The way the sun was painting the branches, the warm colours creeping into my soul so it seemed and that is when I felt a shift. 
A shift deep inside.

My dogs happily playing around me, the world lit up in a beautiful light.
There was no reason at that moment to feel anything but happiness.

It was decided then, at that moment, that no matter what the future holds out for me I will accept it with a firm hand. I don't have to be happy about everything sent my way, but I can carry it forward with strength and am allowed to let others help carry it too.
Hopefully if I forget all this I will remember the light in the trees... lit up just for me at that very moment.  Reminding me that no matter how hard 'life' can be there is beauty all around us, and to take a moment to enjoy it for when you do your troubles don't seem as great.

I took this picture with my phone, so the colours will not be exactly what I saw, but this was my view all the same.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Molly's Muse

Hi, I'm Molly and I felt like having a word on here for a change.  My human musher lady friend is always hogging the conversation here... I think it is time the dogs had a say.

Those humans of mine... they are right off their snuff I think.

What a brilliant day we are having... oh that cold white stuff that you all call snow was so high today. I loved jumping into it and burying myself, swimming is what that musher lady calls it, but whatever it is called it is a wonderful feeling.  I throw myself into it so that I actually go underneath and push myself along making a tunnel. The feeling of the snow all over my head is glorious!

However as I started saying about my humans... they come out dressed up in these big bulky outfits with fur around their heads (jeez, why don't they just grow it like I do), and warm soft chewable items on various places of their bodies... I can only make out the eyes on their faces.  But then 1/2 way into the walk my musher lady human is taking it all off!  I just don't get it.  She says something about being too hot.
I'd hate to be human, if I ever get too cold I just crawl up in a ball in the straw cover my nose with my tail and voila! Perfection. Too hot? Just roll, or swim, around in the snow.
Silly humans.

The only thing better than the walk that we took in the middle of this snowy day (a blizzard I believe I heard them say) would have been pulling the sled along the trail. 

Friday, January 7, 2011

Split Second

I just have to share my amazement of how quickly things can change.

A split second decision in my mind to pick up the phone.
That time in between "hello" and "talk to you later"
Moments that slow down and speed up without a thought to what is happening or being said even.
Moments that you can't take back and sometimes wish you could or that you dream of later wishing that you could have held onto forever.

My moment today came and passed without much thought until I sat down to play back what had just been discussed over the phone.... and in that split second... the time it takes to bat an eyelash my life turned a new corner.

Stepping forward I can't help but smile.

Heart Strings

I had mentioned in a past blog that I felt we were made up of strings and there was one wrapped around our hearts and was attached to our children.

This feels ever so true for me today.

My heartstrings are attached to both my kids and when my girls flight left for the east coast last night I could feel that string stretch tight with her distance.
AND it hurts.  I miss my kids with my whole body, not just my heart.  It is a physical pain as I miss them so much.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


I felt the love this morning.

Hubba Bubba kept stopping on our walk this morning to look up at me with his big brown eyes.
I hadn't walked him this last 2 weeks.  My son was home for the holidays and as a treat to me he took over the dog chores.. it was a nice break.
However after my walk today I realized that my Hubba and I missed each others company on our morning strolls.. uh.. drag the human along strolls.

So glad my Hubba Bubba came into my life... it will be a year this February that he joined our family.

Monday, January 3, 2011


The hardest decision I've ever had to make is upon me, and it is breaking my heart in two.

I'm having to find a new home for my wonderful little girl Penny.
I just want to shake her and make her understand that it doesn't have to be this way... but... she does not understand me.

We met when she was only 2 weeks old, eyes just opening as she crawled around on her tummy looking for her mothers milk.
Others didn't see her beauty at first, I called her the ugly duckling... I knew she was going to be a pretty dog right from the start.

I don't know why or when it actually happened but her and Molly just started hating each other, and not just little scraps over toys or food. 
No this was all out war, a fight to the death.

We only have 4 dogs... and I cannot put them all together to play or come into the house on a cold day... they are brought out in pairs... and it is a big pain in the ass to be honest with you.
This past year it has been a quiet topic brought up unwillingly... "which girl do we find a new home for?"

Molly was the obvious choice.. she is a great sled dog and many a musher would be proud to have her on their team and her personality is such that she would adapt well into a new kennel.

Summer came and went and we still did nothing to 'fix' our problem.

This winter has come with wonderful sledding conditions and is the first year our dogs have passed the 50 mile mark before the races began.  They are all in terrific shape and ready to run!
However as we approached the 30 miles in our training something in Penny changed. 
She no longer pulls her weight, her tug line slack most of our runs... we end up being pulled off the trail by her snow swimming and strange antics of fooling around.

She loves to run, don't get me wrong.  At hook up she is just as excited as all the others.  I'm just not sure at what point the desire to keep up the run fizzled out in her.

I still want to try her on skis, see if she would perform better on a smaller scale.


Sadly I know this is not the life for her.

Penny loves to love and be loved.  She enjoys her times indoors and thrives with the extra attention.
She needs the love... she will always need the heavy duty exercise.
She will always need the companion of another dog (male for sure)

I know this is the right choice... the best thing for her, for the others in the team for the sanity of the humans... but I just can't get past thinking I've given up on her.
She is still a baby at 3 and a half... how do you explain to the pup that she will be happier... or will she?

I wish that for just one day she could understand and just get along with her sister... at the very least she could move indoors and become my pet dog.... if she just wouldn't fight with Molly.

My Penny.  I'm going to miss you so much.... I just hope I've made the right decision, but somehow I have a feeling this will haunt me for always.