Sunday, January 9, 2011

Molly's Muse

Hi, I'm Molly and I felt like having a word on here for a change.  My human musher lady friend is always hogging the conversation here... I think it is time the dogs had a say.

Those humans of mine... they are right off their snuff I think.

What a brilliant day we are having... oh that cold white stuff that you all call snow was so high today. I loved jumping into it and burying myself, swimming is what that musher lady calls it, but whatever it is called it is a wonderful feeling.  I throw myself into it so that I actually go underneath and push myself along making a tunnel. The feeling of the snow all over my head is glorious!

However as I started saying about my humans... they come out dressed up in these big bulky outfits with fur around their heads (jeez, why don't they just grow it like I do), and warm soft chewable items on various places of their bodies... I can only make out the eyes on their faces.  But then 1/2 way into the walk my musher lady human is taking it all off!  I just don't get it.  She says something about being too hot.
I'd hate to be human, if I ever get too cold I just crawl up in a ball in the straw cover my nose with my tail and voila! Perfection. Too hot? Just roll, or swim, around in the snow.
Silly humans.

The only thing better than the walk that we took in the middle of this snowy day (a blizzard I believe I heard them say) would have been pulling the sled along the trail. 

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