Thursday, September 27, 2012

You Gotta Love Huskies

When they are shedding you REALLY have to love your husky!

My Penny decided to wait until fall to lose last years winter coat.. and although this picture doesn't do it justice she looks so scraggly.
Walking through the house tufts of hair are left behind as though she is leaving a trail to follow back the way she came. 
Yes she is ashamed... not of the mess she leaves behind but of the way she looks.  Her whole life she has been called 'Pretty Penny' and she just doesn't know how to measure up to that name now that she looks like a rag tag.  And before you suggest brushing her... I do... it matters not.  After a grooming as she is walking away you can see chunks of hair poof out magically.

So for now as we wait for Penny to finish her blow we shall live, breath, wear and eat husky hair.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Attending a Sled Dog Seminar

Attending a Meeting with Other Dog Nutty People

10 Things I Learned This Weekend

The Gateway Sled Dog Club (Canadian Challenge) in Prince Albert hosted a Vet Education Seminar aimed at Sled Dogs this weekend.
Prince Albert Saskatchewan, an 8 hour drive North East for us.

A long drive for a 1 day seminar.  A drive of nothing but wide open going on forever fields of wheat.

It was totally worth it.

I was able to meet others who were as invested in their dogs as I was, most of whom had years of experience under their belts.    Ask questions and learn.
I love learning and when it comes to my dogs you can bet I was in my happy place.

Meeting Bart DeMarie and listening to his stories from the Yukon Quest Trail was an hour that could have been all morning for me.  His brother Stefaan shared tons of helpful and very useful information with me as well.

Karen Ramstead was also a presenter this weekend and I was thrilled to be able to meet her.  After following her mushing career for quite a few years it was in a small way almost like meeting a mushing 'rock star' to me.  Karen has been an inspiration for me when it comes to dog sledding as a woman in a largely populated male world.
Karen is a wonderful speaker and just like Bart her time speaking was way too short.
Ruth Sims was the Vet who spoke of dog sledding injuries and dehydration, what to look for and helping the dog with massage.  There was also talk of what a sled dog should weigh and how to determine the perfect body on the dog... information that interested me greatly as we try ever so hard to get Hubba to lose weight.
Yes, I learned lots this weekend... which I will sum up in my top 10 list....
1.  I have a couple chubby (fat) sled dogs who need to lose a few pounds.
2.  Long and mid distance mushers are a very laid back group of people. 
3.  That I will most likely find open water and jumble ice on the Yukon River when I'm there
4.   I'm VERY excited about my adventure in 2014.
5.   I do not like driving through Saskatoon... drivers here in this province are way too aggressive.
6.  Saskatchewan nights on the prairies are very dark.
7.  Never, NEVER camp beside the loading door of Walmart.
8.  Tea made over a camp stove tastes the best..
9.   I LOVE my -50 sleeping bag. Especially with the cold clear night here in Prince Albert.
10.  Winter can't come fast enough for me.