Sunday, October 14, 2012

Fall, do you See what I See?

Fall is probably at the top of my list for favorite time of the year.

Everything is fresh.
The air is cooler with the nights becoming a little bit longer hosting skies that begin the dance of the Aurora Borealis.

A smell that is different.
Fresh, crisp, alive. 
Drying leaves, wet earth and warm apples fresh from the tree

There is a look that is... well, it looks... hmmm... the only way I can think of describing what I think of the way fall looks is to imagine a young boy fresh from crawling out from under a large pile of leaves.  Cheeks red from the cool air, eyes sparkling with excitement after the leap into the soft yet crunchy bed that was laid out before him.  A trusty canine friend running in circles around the boy, who is wearing a big woolie sweater with matching mittens and hat, tail wagging in anticipation for the next run.

Trees not quite bare but empty enough to let the fall sunlight come through, reflecting the light of the yellow and orange leaves that are still hanging on, reaching out for the last warm rays of sunshine.

Sounds change this time of year also.  The leaves dance wildly bumping into each other as they work hard to hang on for just one more day.  A sing song of leaf toe tapping which comes to a climax when they flutter down to the ground sending out one last hurrah with a little slap as they finally make contact.
Geese saying their farewell for another year and Chickadees coming together for a choir of melodies echoed by the crows that have shown up to sit on the tree tops are just a small sampling of the fall music that surrounds me every day.

The quiet laid back sounds of summer ever so slowly are drowned out by fall, the birds, the leaves all brought to life by the winds.  A ruckus of sound that builds up only to be silenced after the first fall of snow.

This time of year also has taste.
No, I don't bend down and lick the ground or the trees.  But I do LOVE the taste of pumpkin pie which I seem to only eat this time of the year.

The dogs also love this time of year.  They are full of energy and craziness that is only subdued by a good run behind a scooter. 

And who doesn't like a run in the cool mornings that we now wake up to?

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

A Life With Purpose

Life began for this little fella as it does for any, one full of hope.
Dreams for a life of joy and happiness.

Parents Richard and Betty James could never have imagined the success their child would obtain.  All from dropping tension springs.
His name?

Do you have the tune from the 1960's commercial running through your head now?
"What walks down stairs, alone or in pairs and makes a slinkity sound?
A spring, a spring, a marvelous thing!
Everyone knows it's Slinky."

You're welcome

 Slinky found a home here in my house when my mom gave it to me as a gift. 
About a month ago.
It makes plenty sense if you know me.
Something to maybe share with the kids I work with.

What fun!  A great place for Slinky, joy, happiness, someone to play with him.
A toys perfect life.

Sadly this was not the ending to be for our dear little friend. 
Instead he met his demise amongst my two youngest pups Elly and Rigby.

Slinky in his prime
 Poor, poor Slinky

Tug o' War was the game played best with Slinky
Elly loved playing with Slinky
 Chewing on Slinky
Watching the springs bounce as she chewed
 Playing while resting your head on the arm of a couch creates the need for a nap
This Slinky no longer makes a Slinkity sound, but you can't say it's life was without purpose... I have two very happy pups.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Thanksgiving Weekends

Sitting outside with the dogs on a 'crisp' fall afternoon.

Yellow and orange leaves that lay around the yard dance in little circles as the breeze that rushes through kissing my cheeks sings it's song of shorter days and cooler nights.

I feel very much alive surrounded by my wonderful fur kids who each come to me to give little wet kisses on my chin and rub themselves against my legs looking for a cuddle, sharing their love.  I smell the air which reminds me of pumpkin pies and childhood visions of being  buried in piles of dry brittle leaves.
I also feel that scratchy sore throat feeling of the onset of a cold.


I hate colds.  Was really hoping to avoid one.  I rarely get them.

As I sit here I think to myself, "that's okay this fresh air will do it wonders" when, Whomp! I am struck with an incredibly clear memory of a Thanksgiving weekend 37 years ago.

Grade 6 and Mr. Thompson standing over my desk telling me that he did not agree that I should be allowed to go camping as I was too sick with a cold to do anything but lay around cuddled under a blanket.  He was so believing of this that he wrote a note home to my mother.
Sorry Mr. Thompson but I had been looking forward to this weekend which consisted of just me and my Nana and Grandad in their little blue and white trailer.

It was my alone time with them and I was so excited to be going.
It was glorious.  So much so that my memories are so very vivid.

Camping amongst the falling leaves of yellows, oranges and reds and the cold crisp air very much like today.  Wearing a big woolly sweater and rubber boots as I played in the surrounding woods.  Sitting around the fire with sing songs.
A gather of my grandparents friends as we pot luck a turkey dinner. Picnic tables lined up in one long row covered in checkered plastic table coverings.  Blue melamine dishes.

Forgetting about my cold.

Feeling warm and loved and special.

I miss my grandparents deeply.
What I wouldn't give to be transported back to this time even for just 1 day.

I suppose I have been.
It is what I am most thankful for right now.

Thankful for the memories that I have been left with.  Memories that I hold close to my heart