Monday, March 28, 2016

The Perfect Cup of Tea (aka Life)

Sitting here on a quiet holiday Monday, surrounded by my furry crew, keeping it pretty simple as we wait for Dad to come home from work.
I have a book that I write in, not quite a journal, yet not quite anything else that could be labeled. Skimming through it just now I came across a thought that I wanted to share.
It has come to me with perfect timing.

My Nana had some wise advice when I was younger that she shared with me and now I want to share with you.

Never squeeze your tea bag or it will make your cuppa bitter.
Always 'hot your pot' with warm water before making your actual tea AND there is nothing wrong with dunking a bicky, especially the good ones (digestives).

Sitting here with my tea missing this wonderful lady, it occurred to me that these tips for the perfect cup of tea have much to do with life itself.

Never squeeze your tea bag or it will make your cuppa bitter.
In other words don't force the tea to steep.  It will happen of its own accord.  Yes, some teas take longer to reach perfection than others but eventually they all get there.
Anything in life takes time and patience. Never rush it along or it could leave a bitter taste in your mouth.
In life, by speeding ahead, you could be missing the best of the flavours in whatever it is you are attempting to do.  Leave the frustration behind, sit back and everything will turn out perfectly the way it is suppose to in the end.
AND if I may add, not everyone has the same taste in the kind of tea they enjoy.  So what is most enjoyable for one person may not be for another.

Always 'hot your pot'
According to Nana by doing this you have a better pot of tea.
The right environment for the perfect cup.  Preparation is key to anything we do.  Even if it is just getting into the right mind set. Positive (warm) thoughts lead to a happier outcome.

And dunk that cookie, or bicky as my Nana called it.
If you want to add that sweet treat then do it.
Don't deny yourself. I'm not talking about food treats either, if there is something that will add to your day to make it perfect, then do it.
A simple nap to taking classes learning a new language.
If there is a 'treat' you want, go for it and enjoy it guilt free.

Oh, and sing always.

One fond memory of my Nana was how she always sang.

And why not?