Sunday, November 27, 2011

It's MY Party

This is my blog... and I can talk about whatever I want.

So I am gonna bitch.

There is this pet peeve of mine, and it has to do with facebook most specifically, however it does pertain to other sites, such as twithead and tumblr and the likes.

It drives me beyond batty when I see simple grammar or spelling mistakes.

I get the posts that the author is raving and angry beyond seeing a straight line anymore... they spit out their venomous words without thinking rationally or clearly... so those I will forgive.  However I forgive them only for the errors in their ways of grammatical shame, not for attacking an acquaintance publicly for something that should be dealt with on a private level.

No, it is those simple errors that drive me to distraction.  I am one who will re-read a post to make sure that it is correct, and if I do make a mistake and catch it I will go back and fix it.
I'm not saying that I'm perfect in any way.  I have made my share of mistakes as well.  It is those who continually make mistakes that I want to hunt down and shake.

The biggest frustration I have is in those who publicly post that they have a problem... and then do another public cry for others to leave them alone.
You know the ones...  "FML!!!  I could kill the beotch!!"   The following comments read... "what's up?"  or "are you okay?" or "what is happening?".. to which the person whose life is so messed up due to another then replies.... "none of your business!!!" and/or "leave me alone!!"

Um hello stupid... you've just made a public announcement and others are worried or curious.. YOU started it in the first place.
If it IS no ones business then it shouldn't be splashed across the Internet in the first place!

There I've said my piece.. I feel much better now.

Time to go and put teh dawgs in they're bed so that thay can sleeping now.... (see?? doesn't that just drive you nuts??!!)

Friday, November 25, 2011

The Very Long Day

1. Two puppies
2. Two puppies who are still being housebroken with about 3 accidents a day
3. Two puppies who have had surgery
4. Two puppies who have healed well, but their bellies are shaved clean and they have no protection against cold or wet
5. An older female who for some reason is angry at the female puppy since returning home
6. Same female who cried all night as her puppies slept in the house.
7. Two puppies who are intent on destroying my house
8. Female puppy who as decided to make another hole in my living room carpet.
9. Human who was kept awake all night, not by puppies but by Hubby who snored all night long
10. Human who is grumpy with lack of sleep and little to no patience for the day.

All these added up equals a very long day.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thank you for the Snow, but...

Did I do something to piss you off?

Going along in my daily doings.   Trying to not say the wrong thing.  Minding my own.

First the tranny on my truck acts up again.  A fix it job that is not a cheap one thank you very much.
Then the winds hit, big ones that rip the roof off of our portable.
The portable that holds our straw,  dry bedding for the dogs, various sheets of wood for Hubby's shop, window frames, my dog sleds and scooter among other misc. items that are put inside for a reason.

So what does it do over night? 
It snows.
This was not in the forecast otherwise I would have covered everything and not wait until the weekend when hubby was home.

And now the yard is going to be wet and muddy as the next few days are suppose to be nice and sunny.

Why should that bother me?
Well the puppies are going to the vet today to be Spayed and Neutered and will live in the house for the weekend while they heal, at least Elly will be.
This means that they will be in and out to go pee, constantly, as we are still house training.
 My poor floor.

I can hear some of you snow haters out there... "geez, shut up and enjoy, you're the one who wishes for this crap!"
Yeah, yeah.. I know.. but it's not like there is enough for a trail and it's not like it's gonna stay with the warmer temps in the near future.
And besides... I feel like whining okay?

So I ask again.

What did I do to piss you off?

Sunday, November 20, 2011

of Snakes and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails...

Well.. okay.. no snakes or snails... but we did have 5 puppy dog tails in our house today.

I was questioned the last couple days about having outdoor dogs in the weather that we have had the last few days and knowing there is more on the way this season.
Yesterday afternoon and at times with wind chill we had it at -32

I am a blue person.. and for those who know their 'Colours' they will understand... but the shortened version of the meaning is that I have to explain myself in order to make others happy... or not upset with me.

Our pups are Huskies.. dogs that have been bred to live in extreme temperatures.  They grow the most wonderful under coats this time of the year.  Even if they look like their hair is short, it is thick. Trust me, when they are blowing their coat in spring there is a LOT of hair.  They have a thicker coat then most other breeds of dog, made up of a dense cashmere-like undercoat and a longer, coarse top coat that is water repellent.
And a lot of literature says that they are able to withstand temperatures of -50 to -60.

Rocky's winter coat is coming in nicely

 However that being said, I would like my babies to be comfortable and 'trained' to come indoors on dark winter nights.  Especially on those evenings that my hubby is away.

So we begin indoor training along with the outdoor training related to dog sledding. 

However our babies still live outside and although they are sporting the best fur coats around they do have at their disposal straw lined dog boxes.  Penny's house is long with a side door and she can be found curled up in the doorway with her face peaking out keeping an eye on those naughty puppies.

And I will say this.... cold or otherwise... we have a small pack of happy pups.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Flu 1 Lunch 0

Laying very still... hidden beneath blankets


We.  Don't.  Want.  It.  To.  Know.  We're.  Here.

Lay very still.
Silence... that is good... perhaps I will sleep a bit.

No, damn it!! It senses us here.. it smells, I know it does.
Lay still.
See?  I think it has been fooled..

Slowly I sit up and take in my surroundings.
Wow.  It's been some time I think.  Looks as if a scatter bomb has gone off around me, how could I not have noticed?

I move a bit,  I do honestly think it has gone, left me for good I hope.
A smile slowly creeps across my face.  This is good, time for a celebration.
Knowing this could be a trick I keep the festivities small and am grateful I have done so.

Without warning it slams me from behind, spinning me around.
The room continues to spin.


It's useless...

The flu has won.

This time..... when my strength returns it wont be so lucky.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

My Empty Nest is Rather Full

Both my babies have moved away... and far away at that.
My girl is in Nova Scotia and my boy is in Ontario.

It hurts my heart to know they are so far away. 
I miss them so very much.

People always say to me when they find out that both the kids are gone away, "wow, a true empty nester eh?"  
Then they always add.. "your life has changed, you can go away whenever you want, do whatever you want" 

No, no I can't.

We filled our empty nest with furry kids.
Furry needy children that may as well be toddlers.  Naughty toddlers.
I cannot head to the city after work without making sure the 'kids' are going to be taken care of.
Weekends away... impossible.  Without someone staying at the house.. or sending the 'kids' to a dog kennel.. or bringing them all with us.
Even a night out is planned so that evening dog chores are taken care of first.

I have missed events because we have had no one to play and feed the dogs or they have forgotten and we have had to rush home.

However, we wanted the furry kids.. and I don't regret the tie down we are facing.  The love they give back and the joy I experience when I'm with them.. the fun we have every winter on skis and sled all makes up for a lost night out.   As for a weekend away, going to dog sled races is so much fun and the people we meet are amazing... dog people always are.

Yet I have recently discovered one aspect that I am not enjoying.
The ability to be sick in bed.
To be able to stay in bed or on the couch curled up in my fleece blankets and hide away from the world is broken when the late afternoon rolls around.   I then drag myself from my foggy world, pull on as much winter gear as possible to head out with the 'kids' .. I am greeted with love, kisses and hugs which makes up for it a tiny bit... so I have made up my mind... I am just not going to get sick again. 

I have no time for it anyway.   And I really missed being at work with the kids.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Calling in Sick

The room tips to the side leaving me off balance and having to grab hold of the table.

Is it just me or is the air heavy weighing me down making it hard to hold my head up?  I give up and sink into the couch.  However the chair threatens to tip as the room continues to ignore all rules of gravity as it slides precariously to the left...... oh, but now it suddenly changes direction giving the feeling of being in a boat on turbulent waters.

Sea sickness takes hold.  Much energy is used to keep from racing to the bathroom.
I lay down and close my eyes hoping to block out the rocking of my world.
Only this makes it worse.
I sit up straight instead my vision trained on the horizon which at this moment is the living room wall.  Solid and unmoving.  Better.  If only a little.

As I focus on the other side of the room I get a sense of leaving my body. The room is larger I'm sure of it, as well I've sunk lower into the blankets I am sitting on.. heavier?  Floating above me, feeling so far away that even sounds take on a hollow muffled tone.  Yet the sounds have a sharpness to them that cut to very core of me echoing within my head.

 I turn my attention inwards and train my attention to my body which tingles as though there are live wires attached under the skin.  At first this feeling is actually a nice one, almost calming, but the longer I concentrate on the sensation the more it intensifies causing me to break out in a sweat and wishing for it to stop.

I give in to the swaying motion of the room and lay down pulling the blankets up over my head.
Sleep has to cloak me soon, it just has to.

Then tomorrow I will wake up and be a brand new person ready to head to work one of my favorite places to be..... please?

Friday, November 11, 2011

What to do? What to do?

"That's me"

Suppose you could chock it down to that simple two word sentence.

Simple?  Sadly no.

I'm so confused and need some help trying to figure things out.  Perhaps help is just in writing my words down or hearing what others think and sorting my thoughts this way.. or it could be I need a light to go off and a terrific 'ah ha!!' to pounce upon me one morning.
In any case I just have no idea what I should do.

I thought I knew, right up until driving home on my own with only my thoughts running through my head.
A sudden realization hit me, one that has changed what I should or shouldn't do.

I have this most amazing job, one that has left me with the feeling of winning the lottery.  Everything about the job is perfect.
So then why am I looking at leaving in the fall to head out and begin something new?
Yes it would lead me to doing something that would end up being perfect..... or would it?

I would be leaving this wonderful job... and although I could be back (hopefully) to do my practicum, I doubt I would end up working here... and I personally know 2 in this profession that are not doing what they want as there just is no work in this area.
AND I would be 4 years older, which is old to be heading out into a new career.

So now I'm back to square one, where I sat almost 10 years ago... only now I'm 10 years older.

Should I just upgrade?  Get the learning bug out of me this way?  And stay in my perfect job?
Should I throw caution to the wind and move on? 

Arrrgggg.... I just don't know what to do anymore.

I'm so confuzzled.

Oh Holey Hole

Again I ask.... Whose idea was it to get puppies again???
It may not be big, but either is Elly.... silently she chewed a hole through the carpet and into the flooring underneath.   She is lucky that this is the 'boot room/ laundry room' and not the living room.

Busy creatures they are, always on the go.. never sleeping anymore or so it feels like.

But I love 'em both and cannot wait to run them ... soon!!

"Look Hubba I'm like one of the big kids now!!"
The kids were fitted for harnesses today, *sniff* they are growing up!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

My Mushy Life

I have no idea where my emotions come from.
Why one day I can be totally immersed in self pity and depression and the next giddily happy.
So I just shrug my shoulders and carry on.

At this point in my life I am mushily (ooh.. get the sledding jargon thrown in there?) happy.

With all that I deal with in my depression that cloaks me from time to time you would think it would be hard to be so mushy (can you tell it is almost winter?).

Both my kids live so far away... my baby boy wont be home for the holidays... we owe way too much money... my trucks clutch is acting up again... the dog boxes are not ready for winter... money needed for my upcoming house is messy again...moving Hubby's shop, yes still...dealing with gv't issues...the 'building'... my kids living so far away (oh I said that one already).. sigh, my kids living so far away...

Looking at my list I must say, besides my kids living so far away, there isn't really anything on there that is dreadful enough for depression...  well... okay it would be nice to not be in debt anymore.. but again I shrug my shoulders to a resounding 'meh'

I enjoy being mushily (hehe) happy for a change.... and I blame a few things on this...

My hubby
My kids
My job
My family (all of you)
Friends (although I haven't seen many of you lately)
My dogs

My future

I'm okay...really I am.... this is my life and it's great!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Life has changed this last 6 months.
All because of puppies.

Naughty puppies.

Nothing is mine anymore, it belongs to the puppies.
And if they have the opportunity they will make sure that no one can have what it is they claim as theirs by destroying it in record time.

Rigby the 'boy' is strong and fast.  Walking him has become a challenge, especially now that there is ice on the roads.  It is time to suit him up in a harness and run him.
If dogs are able I do believe that he has ADHD.  It is physically impossible for him to sit still, even to be hugged, petted and cuddled.  He loves attention and craves the contact between himself and whatever human is present, but can barely stand still to receive it.
But smart.  This furry kid is at the top of his class.
He knows his commands, and sits when told (especially if food is involved).  Knows how to opens doors, and I believe even unlocked the kennel the other day.
He also loves to play ball with us.  The only dog that has ever brought back a ball and dropped it at our feet so that we could throw it for him to chase, again and again and again.

Elly (Eleanor) a petite little girl who loves to cuddle and snuggle in your lap.   Her face is so small and delicate reminding me of a deer (my hubby says she reminds him of a rat, but he doesn't love her like I do).
She would play ball with her brother except for the fact that she was run into twice by the bigger dogs and has decided that it is no fun anymore.
The cry that came from her with the contact made you would have thought she was on deaths door.
Elly cries wolf often when play time gets too rough for her making me believe that she is in extreme pain and has been seriously wounded.
However it is okay for her to attack the others and inflict pain and suffering on them.  She's such a girl!

I love my puppies and cannot wait to get them out on the trails with their bigger buddies.

Oh the adventures we will have...... bring on the snow!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Looking Ahead

I feel a change coming upon me.

A BIG change at that.

I am so happy right now in the space that I am in.   It is a bright and cheerful place.
No matter which direction I take, or what door I open I am always greeted with a smile.
Happiness and joy fill my heart on a daily basis.

So why have I been drawn to the door at the end of the long LONG hallway that is stretched out before me?
It will eventually lead me back to this happy place, and actually I wont really be leaving my space totally just sort of putting it to the side for the moment.

However there are unknowns behind this door... and lots of hard work to reach the path that leads back to where I know I am meant to be.
LOTS of hard work and way too much money to get there.

So is it just all a dream?

Or is it a dream that I can bring to fruition?

I feel so confused.  I just don't know whether to head down toward this door that has beckoned to me, and not for the first time either, or do I stay here where I am happy already.
Besides I feel so old to be changing things up.