Sunday, November 27, 2011

It's MY Party

This is my blog... and I can talk about whatever I want.

So I am gonna bitch.

There is this pet peeve of mine, and it has to do with facebook most specifically, however it does pertain to other sites, such as twithead and tumblr and the likes.

It drives me beyond batty when I see simple grammar or spelling mistakes.

I get the posts that the author is raving and angry beyond seeing a straight line anymore... they spit out their venomous words without thinking rationally or clearly... so those I will forgive.  However I forgive them only for the errors in their ways of grammatical shame, not for attacking an acquaintance publicly for something that should be dealt with on a private level.

No, it is those simple errors that drive me to distraction.  I am one who will re-read a post to make sure that it is correct, and if I do make a mistake and catch it I will go back and fix it.
I'm not saying that I'm perfect in any way.  I have made my share of mistakes as well.  It is those who continually make mistakes that I want to hunt down and shake.

The biggest frustration I have is in those who publicly post that they have a problem... and then do another public cry for others to leave them alone.
You know the ones...  "FML!!!  I could kill the beotch!!"   The following comments read... "what's up?"  or "are you okay?" or "what is happening?".. to which the person whose life is so messed up due to another then replies.... "none of your business!!!" and/or "leave me alone!!"

Um hello stupid... you've just made a public announcement and others are worried or curious.. YOU started it in the first place.
If it IS no ones business then it shouldn't be splashed across the Internet in the first place!

There I've said my piece.. I feel much better now.

Time to go and put teh dawgs in they're bed so that thay can sleeping now.... (see?? doesn't that just drive you nuts??!!)

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