Thursday, November 10, 2011

My Mushy Life

I have no idea where my emotions come from.
Why one day I can be totally immersed in self pity and depression and the next giddily happy.
So I just shrug my shoulders and carry on.

At this point in my life I am mushily (ooh.. get the sledding jargon thrown in there?) happy.

With all that I deal with in my depression that cloaks me from time to time you would think it would be hard to be so mushy (can you tell it is almost winter?).

Both my kids live so far away... my baby boy wont be home for the holidays... we owe way too much money... my trucks clutch is acting up again... the dog boxes are not ready for winter... money needed for my upcoming house is messy again...moving Hubby's shop, yes still...dealing with gv't issues...the 'building'... my kids living so far away (oh I said that one already).. sigh, my kids living so far away...

Looking at my list I must say, besides my kids living so far away, there isn't really anything on there that is dreadful enough for depression...  well... okay it would be nice to not be in debt anymore.. but again I shrug my shoulders to a resounding 'meh'

I enjoy being mushily (hehe) happy for a change.... and I blame a few things on this...

My hubby
My kids
My job
My family (all of you)
Friends (although I haven't seen many of you lately)
My dogs

My future

I'm okay...really I am.... this is my life and it's great!

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