Sunday, November 20, 2011

of Snakes and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails...

Well.. okay.. no snakes or snails... but we did have 5 puppy dog tails in our house today.

I was questioned the last couple days about having outdoor dogs in the weather that we have had the last few days and knowing there is more on the way this season.
Yesterday afternoon and at times with wind chill we had it at -32

I am a blue person.. and for those who know their 'Colours' they will understand... but the shortened version of the meaning is that I have to explain myself in order to make others happy... or not upset with me.

Our pups are Huskies.. dogs that have been bred to live in extreme temperatures.  They grow the most wonderful under coats this time of the year.  Even if they look like their hair is short, it is thick. Trust me, when they are blowing their coat in spring there is a LOT of hair.  They have a thicker coat then most other breeds of dog, made up of a dense cashmere-like undercoat and a longer, coarse top coat that is water repellent.
And a lot of literature says that they are able to withstand temperatures of -50 to -60.

Rocky's winter coat is coming in nicely

 However that being said, I would like my babies to be comfortable and 'trained' to come indoors on dark winter nights.  Especially on those evenings that my hubby is away.

So we begin indoor training along with the outdoor training related to dog sledding. 

However our babies still live outside and although they are sporting the best fur coats around they do have at their disposal straw lined dog boxes.  Penny's house is long with a side door and she can be found curled up in the doorway with her face peaking out keeping an eye on those naughty puppies.

And I will say this.... cold or otherwise... we have a small pack of happy pups.

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Mom said...

You tell 'em. It is worrying though to a lot of people, and it is a good idea to educate them and let them know that they are fine and bred to live outside. xo