Monday, November 7, 2011

Looking Ahead

I feel a change coming upon me.

A BIG change at that.

I am so happy right now in the space that I am in.   It is a bright and cheerful place.
No matter which direction I take, or what door I open I am always greeted with a smile.
Happiness and joy fill my heart on a daily basis.

So why have I been drawn to the door at the end of the long LONG hallway that is stretched out before me?
It will eventually lead me back to this happy place, and actually I wont really be leaving my space totally just sort of putting it to the side for the moment.

However there are unknowns behind this door... and lots of hard work to reach the path that leads back to where I know I am meant to be.
LOTS of hard work and way too much money to get there.

So is it just all a dream?

Or is it a dream that I can bring to fruition?

I feel so confused.  I just don't know whether to head down toward this door that has beckoned to me, and not for the first time either, or do I stay here where I am happy already.
Besides I feel so old to be changing things up.

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