Sunday, October 30, 2011

Moving Monstrosity

For those who have never been in my hubby's shop this wont mean much.... however for those who have ever moved too much stuff in a short amount of time... it might just set off long forgotten back I will share a few photo memorabilia of our pain and suffering from a very long weekend.
I'm just sorry I forgot to pull the camera out and take pics of those who helped us yesterday.... but I am not sure you can physically take photos of angels.

Moving back home.  Nothing is where is should be at the moment... just trying to fit it inside at the moment. Organizing will come at a later date.
Where should we put it?  Put it in the portable!!!
The rack, a bit shorter and now sitting in the driveway waiting to be put IN the portable which still needs sides or tarps or something.... there is always something.
Done for the day!!! Hubby is wondering when Rigby will be handing out back massages, by the look on his face I would say not any time soon!


Mom said...

Oh my goodness! It's like a nightmare! Almost done though! What happened to the huge table saw? Did you manage to see it? I feel for you guys! Love Mom.

Mom said...

Sell .....sell it - the table saw! I'm so tired from writing to prospective cast members and such. Did you SELL the table saw. xoxoxo