Sunday, October 9, 2011


It has been too long since I've written anything here....

My life has been so busy and full. 
It has not been a matter of no time, just a no real need to write anything.  However that said I have been writing in my journal daily, so who knows why the silence here.
With a new (wonderful) job, growing puppies, fall training and visiting friends there is so much to write about... laziness? .... mis-management of time? .... too busy? 
Whatever the excuse reason  I'm here today, if only to just pop in for a moment... to reflect on a certain day.

Thanksgiving is a time of year with promises....

Kids have settled into routine as they sit at their desks in classrooms around the country, while the fallen leaves swirl and dance outside calling to them to come and play.
The air is crisp with a hint and a promise of winter on the way, yet with a warmth that reminds us of the passing summer days we have just enjoyed.
The mornings are cool enough to run the dogs, letting loose the inbred need to run and run fast! Watching their stamina and strength grow daily.
Turkey and pumpkin pies are promised as is the company of family around our dinner table.

This year will be the first that my children are both too far to join us for the traditional Thanksgiving meal. And that makes me sad.
I sit in my living room, lap top resting across my legs as I type this in my too clean and too quiet living room. Giving me time to reflect upon the past, again making me sad.

Yet as I sit here alone in my silent house I am wrapped in a cloak of warm and wonderful memories.
I am thankful this year for my family and friends who have helped build my cloak... .and am also thankful that it is full of love, happiness, laughter and good health.

This cloak comforts me whenever I begin to feel sad and for that my very special family and dearest friends I thank you!

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