Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Then I Blinked

.... and in that blink everything changed.

Nothing will ever be the same.

My Mamma drives me crazy sometimes, like all Moms before her and those to come, she needs to know everything going on.  Always filled with advice and worried all the time.
Must be a 'mom thing'

Busy bee is my mother... once actually referred to as a drunk bumble bee.
When in the midst of people and at a function that she is a part of she will flit from person to person making sure everything is just right and that everyone is happy and taken care of.

Theater is her passion and she always wants us to come to every show she is involved in.  Us kids would sigh and go to shows with people on stage that we didn't even know all because she was the back stage manager, or she made some props.
We once told her that we would come to the shows but she had to have either directed it or be in it for us to attend.  So she had to find other ways to bring us in, like put her dog, Teddy, in a role on the stage.

As I have grown and had a family of my own I grew closer to my mom as more of a friend than a mother.  Although her worrying and fussing will always make her my mom.
She is the first one I call up when I have news to share be it good or bad.
Although I'm afraid that driving in to see my parents was low on my list of priorities as I love just hanging at home with my dogs and found the hour drive in to be a pain in my butt and brought the laziness out in me.  I preferred to talk on the phone or chat via the computer.

Just coming back from a big trip to China visiting our baby girl I couldn't wait to share my experiences and stories with mom and it was 4 sleeps until we could finally get together.
When she left here I was worried about her and the pain she was in, watching her leave, my sister and I commented to each other how we wished she would just go to a Dr and get her back looked at.

Then I blinked.

.... and in that blink everything changed.

                                                      I love you Mom, always and forever.

Monday, March 28, 2016

The Perfect Cup of Tea (aka Life)

Sitting here on a quiet holiday Monday, surrounded by my furry crew, keeping it pretty simple as we wait for Dad to come home from work.
I have a book that I write in, not quite a journal, yet not quite anything else that could be labeled. Skimming through it just now I came across a thought that I wanted to share.
It has come to me with perfect timing.

My Nana had some wise advice when I was younger that she shared with me and now I want to share with you.

Never squeeze your tea bag or it will make your cuppa bitter.
Always 'hot your pot' with warm water before making your actual tea AND there is nothing wrong with dunking a bicky, especially the good ones (digestives).

Sitting here with my tea missing this wonderful lady, it occurred to me that these tips for the perfect cup of tea have much to do with life itself.

Never squeeze your tea bag or it will make your cuppa bitter.
In other words don't force the tea to steep.  It will happen of its own accord.  Yes, some teas take longer to reach perfection than others but eventually they all get there.
Anything in life takes time and patience. Never rush it along or it could leave a bitter taste in your mouth.
In life, by speeding ahead, you could be missing the best of the flavours in whatever it is you are attempting to do.  Leave the frustration behind, sit back and everything will turn out perfectly the way it is suppose to in the end.
AND if I may add, not everyone has the same taste in the kind of tea they enjoy.  So what is most enjoyable for one person may not be for another.

Always 'hot your pot'
According to Nana by doing this you have a better pot of tea.
The right environment for the perfect cup.  Preparation is key to anything we do.  Even if it is just getting into the right mind set. Positive (warm) thoughts lead to a happier outcome.

And dunk that cookie, or bicky as my Nana called it.
If you want to add that sweet treat then do it.
Don't deny yourself. I'm not talking about food treats either, if there is something that will add to your day to make it perfect, then do it.
A simple nap to taking classes learning a new language.
If there is a 'treat' you want, go for it and enjoy it guilt free.

Oh, and sing always.

One fond memory of my Nana was how she always sang.

And why not?

Monday, January 4, 2016

Letter of Thanks

A new year is upon us.

I've been ever so neglectful of my blog and I'm not sure why.

No, I love to write and do so in a written journal often.
Not that either, I love reading other blogs so that cannot be it.
Yep, on the nose.
In fact I write this in the few moments of quiet restful me time before leaving for work.

Work.... ugh.... I love, LOVE my job but after 2 weeks off for the holidays it is really hard this year to get back to a routine and part of that is getting my butt in gear to head back to work.

I've had the most wonderful 2 weeks off which also led me to wanting to send this letter of thanks out to those who made my break what it was.

For you unconditional love, for giving up a week from your busy life of theatrical pursuits and work hours to be with us.  I miss you very much and hated, HATED saying goodbye when you left for your home back east.  We will see you again sooner than later I hope!!

Mom and Dad
Just for being who you are I am thankful every day.
Mom,  you make me smile over the holidays.. especially with our 'box' game.  Your enthusiasm for wanting to have us all together is important.
Dad, for being a good sport and hanging with Teddy in front of the telly while we toughed out the cold around the fire.

For opening your door to our crazy family this holiday once again.
For being the best sister and friend I could ever ask for and having that one person I can phone or text in a time of need.

For showing an interest in my crazy winter sport and wanting to share this interest by hanging out in the cold while you capture our crazy moments.  This I am ever so thankful for.

Rick and Dena
For allowing me to step into a role within your team of furry athletes.  Amazing dogs belonging to an amazing family.  I have so much fun with them and their quirky personalities.
Yes I even enjoy being dragged along behind the team eating dirt, grasses and snow... well... okay maybe 'enjoy' is a little bit of an exaggeration.    However it all builds experience and I learn so much every time I am out with Rick and the team.
My next goal is being able to drag that sled to the tree or post to tie off on my own.

For finally getting together for 'us' time!
I miss our time that we used to spend together and am hopeful for many this upcoming year.  I'm also thankful for the results from your medical ordeal.

I know we we were not together for this break, but knowing you are happy with your adventures (and healthy!!) makes me feel so much better and makes missing you that much easier.

I left you until last.
My biggest thanks is to you.
You are an incredible partner in my life and over this holiday break you came through in waves.
Pretty much taking over the outside dog chores for the break.
Following me through the mall while I hunted for just the right shoes.
Supporting me in my sadness over our boy heading back East.
Helping to get dogs organized and taking us to the field so I could run the dogs even when you were feeling crappy with your back and shoulder.
Staying home alone with the dogs while I leave you all to hang out on the back of a sled for hours and even having supper waiting for me!
I could not ask for a better husband, partner, and friend.
Thank you.

Thanks to everyone who makes a difference in my life.   There are so many of you out there that just one letter could never cover it all.  This includes ALL my friends over social media, the daily chats and comments all make me thankful for you in my life as well.

It was this holiday season that was full of relaxation, joy and excitement that made me sit back and realize that none of this would have happened without all you special people in my life.

Thank you.