Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Then I Blinked

.... and in that blink everything changed.

Nothing will ever be the same.

My Mamma drives me crazy sometimes, like all Moms before her and those to come, she needs to know everything going on.  Always filled with advice and worried all the time.
Must be a 'mom thing'

Busy bee is my mother... once actually referred to as a drunk bumble bee.
When in the midst of people and at a function that she is a part of she will flit from person to person making sure everything is just right and that everyone is happy and taken care of.

Theater is her passion and she always wants us to come to every show she is involved in.  Us kids would sigh and go to shows with people on stage that we didn't even know all because she was the back stage manager, or she made some props.
We once told her that we would come to the shows but she had to have either directed it or be in it for us to attend.  So she had to find other ways to bring us in, like put her dog, Teddy, in a role on the stage.

As I have grown and had a family of my own I grew closer to my mom as more of a friend than a mother.  Although her worrying and fussing will always make her my mom.
She is the first one I call up when I have news to share be it good or bad.
Although I'm afraid that driving in to see my parents was low on my list of priorities as I love just hanging at home with my dogs and found the hour drive in to be a pain in my butt and brought the laziness out in me.  I preferred to talk on the phone or chat via the computer.

Just coming back from a big trip to China visiting our baby girl I couldn't wait to share my experiences and stories with mom and it was 4 sleeps until we could finally get together.
When she left here I was worried about her and the pain she was in, watching her leave, my sister and I commented to each other how we wished she would just go to a Dr and get her back looked at.

Then I blinked.

.... and in that blink everything changed.

                                                      I love you Mom, always and forever.


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful note Rochelle. You have described the essence of your unique and wonderful mom, just perfectly. It emotionally touched me for sure. They broke the 'mold' when they made your mom! There is no one quite like her and she's just perfect! Her energetic, excitable, creative, intelligent, fun, funny, and loving, caring ways are why SO many of us truly love her!

Dale Latam said...

Hi, again Rochelle. I didn't mean to choose 'anonymous'...just not too tech savvy I'm afraid! I'm Dale Latam...a very good friend of your mom's from CAT theatre.

Dawna said...

Your mom is all of that and more...Bless you all

Ray Byiers said...

Beautifully written shell

NanĂ¼k said...

Gentle wooooos,