Thursday, September 30, 2010

My Mugs Family

I'm really missing my Mugs family today.

I had a great visit with one of the members last night and woke up this morning sad that I was not joining her in opening the store today.

In fact it is not just my staff that I am missing lots, but the customers as well.

Over the years I built up not just a business, which was doing extremely well by the way.. .my coffee supplier always commenting on how my orders were growing so quickly over time was my one gauge of how well we were doing and how much 'people' loved to stop by visit and have a cuppa... but I built up a friend base as well.
I met some incredible people, made some wonderful contacts and walked away with many many new friends who I will know for many years to come.
I count myself as one lucky person for sure!

Customers and staff.... they were all like my family.... and I am really missing them all today!!

Mugs was all about team work/ a family to me... the staff all worked together to run the store as smoothly as possible, yes, even without a dishwasher!!
With the exception of a few I always felt blessed that the staff felt the store as theirs too, they would bring things from home, fix stuff without asking, do much needed chores without asking,  phone or message me after hours with ideas or reminders to not forget things myself... gives me a warm feeling thinking about it now.
Even my customers... they would fuss over frozen doors... try to help fix broken items.... shovel the front walk... help clear tables... and ALWAYS brought smiles to my face and that of my staff.

Open Mic is another event I miss horribly... it brought the staff AND the customers together with some amazing talent and sometimes not so amazing, but entertaining always. 
I loved the kitchen feel I had at these events, and we even at times carried on our fun at homes of some of my customers who I now proudly call friends!

I love you all.. and miss you very much... lets NOT lose touch!!!