Thursday, July 19, 2012

What is Summer Vacation

The weather has been amazing this July.
I don't think we've had a summer like this for a very long time.

This is also the first summer in about 7 years that I've not worked... lazy mornings hanging outside with my dogs, coffee in hand.
Cleaning, or rather purging, my house of 'things'
Coffee with good friends.
Lunches with my awesome sister.
Visit with my wonderful mommy.

So far, it's been quiet, laid back and extremely stress free.

I only wish there was water and a beach involved in my daily routine, but alas the prairies are somewhat void of this iconic summer location.

That all said.... I long for the cooler mornings so that my fur kids and I can head out to begin our training.
I'm itching to get them running again.
AND I can hardly wait to be on the runners and skis behind my beautiful babies.

Don't get me wrong.. I love summer as much as any summer lover does.
I just find I get so bored.   As I'm sure my dogs are as well.... nothing to do but lay around and chew on ice blocks of kibble or bones.
There seems to be no purpose to our days.

Unless my purpose is to drink lots of caffeine, have dinners made for the hubby when he gets home (which is a treat for me too.. no more 8pm suppers) and to play with dogs all day long.
If that's not it then I'm having a purposeless summer.

Maybe I'll feel differently in August... the month my son and daughter will be home!!!!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Really? At Your Age?

Yes, really, at my age!

Someone asked me this today after I announced I was getting my tattoo.

My age.
I do not feel my age... I do not look my age... I do not act my age... what is age but a number anyway.

It's all in how you live your life within these numbers that really counts.

So I plan on...
Making new friends.
Hanging out at a park and playing on the swings.
Going to rock concerts, then coming home and listening to my music... LOUD!
Playing with my dogs in the yard.. on the ground, on all fours.. in the dirt, or the mud, or the snow.
Making snow angles.
Going to parties.
Acting crazy or silly with the kids.
Dressing how I want to dress (unless the boss has asked you to cover up a shirt.. hehe)

Dog sled, run road races, skijour, downhill ski, rollerblade, hike, ride the roller coaster, floats on the Bow...

in general go fast.. live fast... have fun...

and love.

Love my family
My parents, my siblings, my husband, my kids.. my in-lawish family, aunts, uncles, cousins..
Everyone... Love them now 'cause they could be gone tomorrow.

Love my life
My home, my job, my friends, my hobbies, everything about my life.. even the hard times because it is what makes me who I am.

Having said all that is it really important how old I am?

Besides... how old do you think I am?

Thursday, July 5, 2012

MY Perfect Life

I am full.


Not everything is perfect... show me a perfect life and you'll see boring.
Oh yes there are times I would love to live boring... who doesn't?

I am surrounded by family who supports and loves me.. although there are times I wish they lived closer.
My world is filled with doggy love, which is the best kind ever... full of adventure and naughtiness.
A perfect job with awesome co-workers... and amazing kids.
A roof over my head... even though it leaks in places it's mine.

As I sat here writing this my two younger pups came running up to me and knocked me down to kiss me tails wagging.  Laughing as I sat up Rigby started singing to me in his rather loud voice with a big smile on his face.
Now if that doesn't add to my perfect life I don't know what would?

I cannot wait to begin full fledged training with these two.  They love me unconditionally and would do anything for me.  I sense an amazing adventure awaiting for us.

Working hard at getting myself into shape, and having completed my first ever 5K race, it is becoming clear that this 100 mile undertaking on skis is a dream turning into reality.
If you want something bad enough, and you're willing to make sacrifices, you can do it.
But first
You have to believe in yourself.