Thursday, July 5, 2012

MY Perfect Life

I am full.


Not everything is perfect... show me a perfect life and you'll see boring.
Oh yes there are times I would love to live boring... who doesn't?

I am surrounded by family who supports and loves me.. although there are times I wish they lived closer.
My world is filled with doggy love, which is the best kind ever... full of adventure and naughtiness.
A perfect job with awesome co-workers... and amazing kids.
A roof over my head... even though it leaks in places it's mine.

As I sat here writing this my two younger pups came running up to me and knocked me down to kiss me tails wagging.  Laughing as I sat up Rigby started singing to me in his rather loud voice with a big smile on his face.
Now if that doesn't add to my perfect life I don't know what would?

I cannot wait to begin full fledged training with these two.  They love me unconditionally and would do anything for me.  I sense an amazing adventure awaiting for us.

Working hard at getting myself into shape, and having completed my first ever 5K race, it is becoming clear that this 100 mile undertaking on skis is a dream turning into reality.
If you want something bad enough, and you're willing to make sacrifices, you can do it.
But first
You have to believe in yourself.

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Mom said...

You're a wonderful girl! I love you! Mom.