Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Flu 1 Lunch 0

Laying very still... hidden beneath blankets


We.  Don't.  Want.  It.  To.  Know.  We're.  Here.

Lay very still.
Silence... that is good... perhaps I will sleep a bit.

No, damn it!! It senses us here.. it smells, I know it does.
Lay still.
See?  I think it has been fooled..

Slowly I sit up and take in my surroundings.
Wow.  It's been some time I think.  Looks as if a scatter bomb has gone off around me, how could I not have noticed?

I move a bit,  I do honestly think it has gone, left me for good I hope.
A smile slowly creeps across my face.  This is good, time for a celebration.
Knowing this could be a trick I keep the festivities small and am grateful I have done so.

Without warning it slams me from behind, spinning me around.
The room continues to spin.


It's useless...

The flu has won.

This time..... when my strength returns it wont be so lucky.

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