Monday, November 14, 2011

Calling in Sick

The room tips to the side leaving me off balance and having to grab hold of the table.

Is it just me or is the air heavy weighing me down making it hard to hold my head up?  I give up and sink into the couch.  However the chair threatens to tip as the room continues to ignore all rules of gravity as it slides precariously to the left...... oh, but now it suddenly changes direction giving the feeling of being in a boat on turbulent waters.

Sea sickness takes hold.  Much energy is used to keep from racing to the bathroom.
I lay down and close my eyes hoping to block out the rocking of my world.
Only this makes it worse.
I sit up straight instead my vision trained on the horizon which at this moment is the living room wall.  Solid and unmoving.  Better.  If only a little.

As I focus on the other side of the room I get a sense of leaving my body. The room is larger I'm sure of it, as well I've sunk lower into the blankets I am sitting on.. heavier?  Floating above me, feeling so far away that even sounds take on a hollow muffled tone.  Yet the sounds have a sharpness to them that cut to very core of me echoing within my head.

 I turn my attention inwards and train my attention to my body which tingles as though there are live wires attached under the skin.  At first this feeling is actually a nice one, almost calming, but the longer I concentrate on the sensation the more it intensifies causing me to break out in a sweat and wishing for it to stop.

I give in to the swaying motion of the room and lay down pulling the blankets up over my head.
Sleep has to cloak me soon, it just has to.

Then tomorrow I will wake up and be a brand new person ready to head to work one of my favorite places to be..... please?


ainnirbard said...

So sorry you are sick. Had a nasty stomach bug earlier in the year. Sleep, liquids, some doggy love, and hope you feel better very soon!

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