Friday, November 25, 2011

The Very Long Day

1. Two puppies
2. Two puppies who are still being housebroken with about 3 accidents a day
3. Two puppies who have had surgery
4. Two puppies who have healed well, but their bellies are shaved clean and they have no protection against cold or wet
5. An older female who for some reason is angry at the female puppy since returning home
6. Same female who cried all night as her puppies slept in the house.
7. Two puppies who are intent on destroying my house
8. Female puppy who as decided to make another hole in my living room carpet.
9. Human who was kept awake all night, not by puppies but by Hubby who snored all night long
10. Human who is grumpy with lack of sleep and little to no patience for the day.

All these added up equals a very long day.

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