Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thank you for the Snow, but...

Did I do something to piss you off?

Going along in my daily doings.   Trying to not say the wrong thing.  Minding my own.

First the tranny on my truck acts up again.  A fix it job that is not a cheap one thank you very much.
Then the winds hit, big ones that rip the roof off of our portable.
The portable that holds our straw,  dry bedding for the dogs, various sheets of wood for Hubby's shop, window frames, my dog sleds and scooter among other misc. items that are put inside for a reason.

So what does it do over night? 
It snows.
This was not in the forecast otherwise I would have covered everything and not wait until the weekend when hubby was home.

And now the yard is going to be wet and muddy as the next few days are suppose to be nice and sunny.

Why should that bother me?
Well the puppies are going to the vet today to be Spayed and Neutered and will live in the house for the weekend while they heal, at least Elly will be.
This means that they will be in and out to go pee, constantly, as we are still house training.
 My poor floor.

I can hear some of you snow haters out there... "geez, shut up and enjoy, you're the one who wishes for this crap!"
Yeah, yeah.. I know.. but it's not like there is enough for a trail and it's not like it's gonna stay with the warmer temps in the near future.
And besides... I feel like whining okay?

So I ask again.

What did I do to piss you off?

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