Tuesday, November 15, 2011

My Empty Nest is Rather Full

Both my babies have moved away... and far away at that.
My girl is in Nova Scotia and my boy is in Ontario.

It hurts my heart to know they are so far away. 
I miss them so very much.

People always say to me when they find out that both the kids are gone away, "wow, a true empty nester eh?"  
Then they always add.. "your life has changed, you can go away whenever you want, do whatever you want" 

No, no I can't.

We filled our empty nest with furry kids.
Furry needy children that may as well be toddlers.  Naughty toddlers.
I cannot head to the city after work without making sure the 'kids' are going to be taken care of.
Weekends away... impossible.  Without someone staying at the house.. or sending the 'kids' to a dog kennel.. or bringing them all with us.
Even a night out is planned so that evening dog chores are taken care of first.

I have missed events because we have had no one to play and feed the dogs or they have forgotten and we have had to rush home.

However, we wanted the furry kids.. and I don't regret the tie down we are facing.  The love they give back and the joy I experience when I'm with them.. the fun we have every winter on skis and sled all makes up for a lost night out.   As for a weekend away, going to dog sled races is so much fun and the people we meet are amazing... dog people always are.

Yet I have recently discovered one aspect that I am not enjoying.
The ability to be sick in bed.
To be able to stay in bed or on the couch curled up in my fleece blankets and hide away from the world is broken when the late afternoon rolls around.   I then drag myself from my foggy world, pull on as much winter gear as possible to head out with the 'kids' .. I am greeted with love, kisses and hugs which makes up for it a tiny bit... so I have made up my mind... I am just not going to get sick again. 

I have no time for it anyway.   And I really missed being at work with the kids.

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