Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Life has changed this last 6 months.
All because of puppies.

Naughty puppies.

Nothing is mine anymore, it belongs to the puppies.
And if they have the opportunity they will make sure that no one can have what it is they claim as theirs by destroying it in record time.

Rigby the 'boy' is strong and fast.  Walking him has become a challenge, especially now that there is ice on the roads.  It is time to suit him up in a harness and run him.
If dogs are able I do believe that he has ADHD.  It is physically impossible for him to sit still, even to be hugged, petted and cuddled.  He loves attention and craves the contact between himself and whatever human is present, but can barely stand still to receive it.
But smart.  This furry kid is at the top of his class.
He knows his commands, and sits when told (especially if food is involved).  Knows how to opens doors, and I believe even unlocked the kennel the other day.
He also loves to play ball with us.  The only dog that has ever brought back a ball and dropped it at our feet so that we could throw it for him to chase, again and again and again.

Elly (Eleanor) a petite little girl who loves to cuddle and snuggle in your lap.   Her face is so small and delicate reminding me of a deer (my hubby says she reminds him of a rat, but he doesn't love her like I do).
She would play ball with her brother except for the fact that she was run into twice by the bigger dogs and has decided that it is no fun anymore.
The cry that came from her with the contact made you would have thought she was on deaths door.
Elly cries wolf often when play time gets too rough for her making me believe that she is in extreme pain and has been seriously wounded.
However it is okay for her to attack the others and inflict pain and suffering on them.  She's such a girl!

I love my puppies and cannot wait to get them out on the trails with their bigger buddies.

Oh the adventures we will have...... bring on the snow!


ainnirbard said...

I swear that Rogue (my girl) has ADHD. She runs back and forth in the kennel half the day...does laps around the house when I'm getting their food ready...and would rather lick you than sit for petting. Gambit, however, will fall asleep in almost anyone's lap. But aren't puppies fun? :)

Insomnia said...

I Love puppies and they are way too much fun.. AND work.. I shall post a pick of the work Elly did the other day to my laundry room floor *sigh* ... but I couldn't imagine life without them now