Thursday, December 1, 2011

Take me to my Happy Place!!

I've recently encountered someone who doesn't like me.

In fact I think this person down right loathes me.

Normally this sort of thing doesn't bother me, I'd shrug my shoulders and carry on.  After all in life not everyone is going to like every person.  I know I've met those whom I didn't care for and wouldn't want to spend time with.

This time however it does affect me in a personal way.  I don't want to go into details, but due to this hate on they have for me it has changed the way I do business in this particular field.  
That is what has bothered me.  The fact that I've let it change what I do.

An anger is building up inside me and I want to run down the streets with a bullhorn and let everyone know what they have been doing. I know things that only a couple of us know... a secret that could damage them in a huge way.
I want to.  But I wont.
That is not me..... and knowing who I am I know this negative feeling will pass, I will find it in my heart to let it go.

It has to happen because this anger is like poison in my body and I hate the feeling of it coursing through my veins.
Life is too short to feel so much enmity.

Still it bugs me to no end that this arse can get away with what they do.  I suppose soon enough they will be seen by others for what they really are on their own and will not need help from me.

So in the meantime I shall continue to breath in and out.
Close my eyes and go to my happy place.
snow, mountains, dogs, good friends, clear cool crisp skies.... my happy place.

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