Tuesday, December 13, 2011

'Tis the Season

He was safe.

Her arms encircled him holding him tight. 
Keeping him warm and happy.

All he ever knew was this place.
With her.
As long as they were together everything would be right in his world.

The days were getting hectic, so much was going on around him.
It was confusing, but okay as long as she stayed within his sight.
Changes were always taking place in his world, and this was no exception. 
The house took on a new atmosphere with new sights and new smells to engulf him in his small world, and although changes can be scary this was kind of exciting.  
So much to explore.

The day started off as any other.
Breakfast with the love of his life, bathing, getting dressed, you know the normal beginnings to any normal weekend.  On this particular day they were heading out to somewhere new.

So many people, so many sounds.
Keeping her in his sight he took in everything with wonder.

Then without any warning he was pulled away from the only comfort he had ever known and was thrust into some strange mans arms.
A man with hair that covered most of his face, a large man, a strange man.
Panic set in.
NO! This could not be happening, he wanted.. no.. he NEEDED to be back in the safety of his own world.  He struggled but to no avail, he was not able to escape.  Realizing this he did the only thing he knew of... he cried, and he cried hard.
Someone would have to save him, put him back into the arms of the one and only.
His mother.

JJ's first Christmas picture with Santa.

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