Friday, December 30, 2011

My Dog Ate My Homework!!

Puppies will be puppies.

They are naughty as they learn their ranking in the pack.

They teeth so they chew.... everything!  Including holes through the carpet into the floor boards, sigh.

Thing is I am thinking that at 8 months old the teething should be pretty much finished... no?
Perhaps it is, or perhaps it is not..... in any case Rigby chews a lot.   It is pretty much non-stop in our house.

 He chews while hanging on the couch.

           He chews outside in the yard.   
                                                                                                He chews anywhere!!!!

Problem though isn't so much with the chewing, as long as he is chewing things that are human approved, the trouble lies in that when he is finished chewing he will actually swallow the item!!

I am qute worried about our Rigby.  Having a constant watch on what he is pooping and how much.  This dog has swallowed small chew bones, socks, mittens, strips of material, sticks, pieces of stuffed animals, bottle caps..... well you name it is has been swallowed!

I do feed my dogs... really I do.

So, if I ever tell you I've lost something because my dog ate it... believe me, he probably did!!


ainnirbard said...

He sounds a bit like Turin. Turin adores my sister's socks, rags, string... He even "brought" a toy with him on a car ride - threw it up in the back seat. So yes, I'll believe that Rigby ate your homework!

Insomnia said...

They sure make life interesting these silly pups of ours

Insomnia said...

Ainnirbard.. I tried to leave a comment on your blog, but it is restricted to team members (that is what it said)... so in hopes you check back here.. have a Happy New Year to you and your furry kids!! Happy trails!

ainnirbard said...

Thanks so much! Happy New Year to you and yours as well!

(I'll take a look. Have no idea what team members are...)

ainnirbard said...

I think I fixed it...but you should have been able to comment, it was set to "members of this blog", but now it's set to everyone, so if you can't - something is wrong with Blogger!

Hey, send some snow to VT! We've gotten a few storms, but nothing you can sink a hook in for more than a day - if that. :)