Thursday, September 27, 2012

You Gotta Love Huskies

When they are shedding you REALLY have to love your husky!

My Penny decided to wait until fall to lose last years winter coat.. and although this picture doesn't do it justice she looks so scraggly.
Walking through the house tufts of hair are left behind as though she is leaving a trail to follow back the way she came. 
Yes she is ashamed... not of the mess she leaves behind but of the way she looks.  Her whole life she has been called 'Pretty Penny' and she just doesn't know how to measure up to that name now that she looks like a rag tag.  And before you suggest brushing her... I do... it matters not.  After a grooming as she is walking away you can see chunks of hair poof out magically.

So for now as we wait for Penny to finish her blow we shall live, breath, wear and eat husky hair.

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ainnirbard said...

I know the feeling! Turin hangs onto his coat till fall every year. He'd be so much cooler during the summer if he shed like a normal Sibe! But since he's my husky: eat, wear, breathe husky fur. :)