Saturday, January 15, 2011

Run Dogs Run!!

I stole the line for my title from a musher friend of mine, Kevin.  A terrific man who adopts rescue Sibes and has them so well trained to, well,  in his words, Run Dogs Run!!


Thought I'd share my adventure today... why?  Well perhaps because it was one of the best runs we have had yet this year and I just needed to tell someone.

Ray ever so kindly (what a great husband) came home early from the shop so that we could take our furry kids on a long over due run. 
The temperature has been sitting in the mid minus 20's for what seems like ages now with wind chills hovering in the low minus 30 mark.  Yes I know... for those of you who know me.... it is colder up in the Yukon and yes  I would love to experience the minus 40's, 50's and even 60's and one day will, but for now allow me to complain.
I live in an area where we do experience Chinooks and + temperatures during our winters and don't get me wrong I do NOT want + temps right now.. but I would much prefer some -10 or even -15 out there.

In any case, it was chilly while we dropped the dogs and got the sled ready.
While hooking up our very excited pups Molly decided to try and take a chunk out of Penny.  I was so discouraged thinking we were passed this stage on our runs.  So out came the muzzle and the fight to put it on the un ruly Molly... she would have none of it and kept ripping it off (I just don't get how those things are suppose to stay on their faces).
So much to my dismay and with Rays encouragement we left without them in place.

I didn't have to worry, although I spent much of the run with my eye on the tug lines in case they went too slack.

The pups had an amazing run.
Penny kept a tight tug line and even pooped on the run!!
Now I know what an odd thing this is to get excited about, at least for those of you who do not run dogs. And for those of you who have never run a team what it means is that the dogs can poop while running, never missing a beat in their step, quite a feat that I doubt a human can achieve.
Our Miss Penny always has stopped the team to take care of mother natures calling and in some cases without me paying attention we have tangled lines with the sudden stops... so you can maybe understand my excitement over this new trick she has learned.
It was all I could do to not stop them all just to go over and hug her, which of course I did not.. instead I praised her like a 3 year old who has just become totally potty trained.
What a proud musher mommy moment.

Speaking of poop.  Poor little Molly ended up with the runs on our little trekk.  This can be caused from a whole range of things, I wasn't worried too much as it was a short 4 mile run.. however the poor girl ended up getting covered.
Her tug line was frozen shut with poop as well which led to having to hold it in my hand while I warmed it up enough to thaw and open... yeah, I know gross!! However I cheated and used a poop bag that I held over top so my hands didn't actually get covered (this time)
Molly is fine for those of you wondering... I am not sure what caused it to begin with, but the runs are gone now.
I do know I was thankful for the cold temperatures when it came time to put her in the dog box as the poop was frozen to the hairs.. and again for those of you wondering... when we got home she rolled it all off of her in the snow.
                               Well the dogs AND the poop were really flying on our little training run. 

I was so proud of the pups today, they all ran hard and with the exception of Molly's runs they all looked great.
It was cold.... the cold that I do like while running dogs.  There is not a better feeling than the weight of the ice/frost forming on the eye lashes.  If I held my eyes closed the lids would stick together.  Yeah, I know I am insane, but it really is a neat feeling.
I also like the change in the light at this time of night, the dusky feel to the surroundings.  Everything becomes quiet somehow.

Anyhow... I just wanted to share my run with you dear reader. 
I look forward to the next one, this time with the racing sled, then we can really Run Dogs Run!!!!

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