Monday, January 10, 2011


I was laying on my back looking up at the sky .. yes, I know it was -20 out, but my sanity is not in question here... looking up at the sky my head full of thoughts.

The dogs were romping  and playing around me, sneaking in a quick kiss now and then enjoying life as only a dog can.
The winter sun was low in the sky as it readied itself for the journey to the west, off to distant lands where the day is just beginning.
My thoughts were not ones that I had wished to be ever pondering at this point in my life, another story for another time....and I could feel my mood beginning to slip when I noticed the trees.

The way the sun was painting the branches, the warm colours creeping into my soul so it seemed and that is when I felt a shift. 
A shift deep inside.

My dogs happily playing around me, the world lit up in a beautiful light.
There was no reason at that moment to feel anything but happiness.

It was decided then, at that moment, that no matter what the future holds out for me I will accept it with a firm hand. I don't have to be happy about everything sent my way, but I can carry it forward with strength and am allowed to let others help carry it too.
Hopefully if I forget all this I will remember the light in the trees... lit up just for me at that very moment.  Reminding me that no matter how hard 'life' can be there is beauty all around us, and to take a moment to enjoy it for when you do your troubles don't seem as great.

I took this picture with my phone, so the colours will not be exactly what I saw, but this was my view all the same.

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