Thursday, January 27, 2011

and a Good morning to You!!!

I don't have much time to write this morning as I'm 'officially' heading to work on my first day.
Yes, you read correctly.... I'm going to work.
I am looking forward to it as well, I get to hang out with a young friend for the day as we head to the city to deliver papers. 

But this is not why I'm writing this morning and I know some of you are thinking, "wait!!! A job? You? Who have not worked formally since.. well not counting working for the ole' man, since July!!??!! Do tell!"
However that is a story for another day, sorry.

No this morning I need to complain... vent... rant... whatever you want to call it I need to release with words.

I was out for my morning walk with Rocky and Molly this morning.  A warm wind blowing, which although great to walk in, is not ideal for me as I'd rather be sledding, but that's not what I surprisingly want to gripe about.
I know! Me not complain about warm winter winds??

The three of us were enjoying our walk with the many smells and sights that are to be seen in our small town.  Nothing I thought could bring me down on such a wonderful morning with two happy dogs. That is until we met up with two women walkers.
I don't know who they were, but all I know is they are in serious need of happy pills. 
As we approached I held Rocky back who loves to greet everyone with a kiss and smiling wished them a good morning.  Instead of a verbal greeting of any kind I was treated to a scowl from both women.

Wow... what has happened in their lives to make them so miserable?
Maybe they were not breast fed as infants.
Perhaps their parents neglected them.
They could be in serious need of good sex.
Or it might be as simple as they work for the government.

In any case... how hard is it to say hi? or good morning?

I cannot believe how incredibly grumpy that made me feel for the rest of our walk.

So if you are out and about today and meet up with two women who have no idea how to smile perhaps give them a hug from me... that would probably ruin their day... but would make me feel so much better.


Anonymous said...

I think that would ruin my day too Rochelle. I guess some people just don't know how to be kind and happy.

Carole Forhan said...

May be they had spent a lot of time trying, unsuccessfully, to find how to post their blogs onto Facebook. I commiserate with you about the miseries. I hope they get whatever will make them happy. Now, back to trying to figure out how to post my blogs to Facebook. xox

ainnirbard said...

Well, this is a couple days late, but Good Morning! (And isn't it a downer when everyone else is sour first thing?)