Saturday, January 22, 2011

Mollys Muse II

Okay, I tell you, I just don't get it!
So I hurt my foot.
Why does musher lady stop me from running with the team?
She even gets all worried when I run around the back yard.

I will admit it must have freaked me out a little last week when I pulled the muscle or tendon or whatever it is inside my back foot.  But all I do is lift the foot up and I can run just as fast on 3 feet as 4.
NO... instead musher lady takes me to this really scary horrible smelling place with slippery floors where some lady they called a vet plays around with my leg.
THEN as if that wasn't bad enough this lady person takes me away from my human (who I do love very much even IF she brought me here) and wants to lay me down under a really scary machine.

Well I made them know I was scared and mad... I yelled at the top of my lungs.
It was very frightening, you have to believe me. And my human told me after that she was really upset hearing me, so she knows.
Although when it was all done the not so nice lady gave me some treats that were pretty yummy.

But now I am not allowed to run around or go sledding which is my favoritist thing in the whole wide world until my foot gets better.
Not sure when that will be cause when the medicine that I get for dinner wears off my foot is a little sore I must admit.

I was kind of glad when the temperatures got warmer out and water started dripping from the tops of things as this means we don't go sledding (since I can't go no one can!!)
AND to make things even better for me some water started falling out of the sky.. ha ha.. take that the rest of you.
It did make me feel kind of bad to think that way when my musher lady was almost sad enough to have water come out of her eyes.
She kept saying something about a race next week and this weather was bad for it....... well....... if I can't race then.... well you know the rest.

'sigh' Alright I'll try my best to be good and watch from inside the truck.  I'll be good but I won't be happy!

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