Thursday, October 21, 2010


I have this belief... and yes I know it is an odd one.

We are made up of strings.  Strings that float around us, through us, from us. They entwine around us and each other.
Strings from our souls, our hearts, our heads.
Strings that form braids when mixed with the people and creatures that we love and care about.
Knots form on the strings from those we call family.
Strings like umbilical cords that are wrapped tightly around our hearts and attached to our children, these are strings that unravel easily as our children leave home, yet never come completely undone, caught by that knot.

Lately I was ensnared by a string I didn't see coming.  This string made it's way up my leg and was completely unnoticed until it started tightening around my waist.
This string, lets call it my bad luck string has been a very hard one to break.... I can see the changes in texture of when happenings occurred.

There.. that is when my Jimmy broke down... and that line, see it? That is the trucks transmission... the darkest section is our loss of Oaky.

Well you understand, you can see.

I've tried everything I can think of to shake this string, but sadly it looks as though it will take it's own course as it travels upward.  The more I struggle the tighter its hold is on me.
I just hope I'm ready for the inevitable twist around the neck and head... I will survive.. but until then.......

..... where are those scissors??

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