Friday, October 1, 2010

Ten Things I Learned from My Dogs

I've been thinking lots about my life lately... and how lucky I am.

However due to some 'bad' luck I've been feeling a bit sorry for myself.... so I started to create lists of why I should be thankful.. happy..
Lessons in life to keep me on the straight and narrow so to speak.

I thought I would start sharing them here in my blog.... rather than keeping them locked up in a journal, here they may help others in a 'funk' too.

I am going to start with one that is close to my heart right now.....

Ten Things I Learned from my Dogs

1. Enjoy each meal as though it was cooked by a top chef, enjoying each mouthful even though it is the same day after day.

2. While on the topic of food....Love and I mean LOVE the other treats that come your way, even if it is a dried pigs ear!

3. Forgive and Forget

4. Greet your family and friends as though they are the most important person in your life at that moment

5. Be loyal to family and friends

6. Take time to lay in the sunshine.....everyday!

7. RUN ..... always.... and like the wind... but stop quickly if you see or smell something that catches your interest.

8.  No matter how annoying the train is... sing along with it to make it sound better.

9.  If something smells good... roll in it so that you will smell it all day long... it will keep you happy.

10. Always be happy no matter how hard your day may have been or how nasty that person was to you... smile and move on.

Owning a dog... many dogs... has filled my life with much love, happiness and joy.
But also sorrow as sadly dogs do not live as long as us humans.  This end comes much too quickly and it is so hard to say goodbye.

Just last year we said goodbye to my girl Emily... my sister dog Rosie.... and now time is too quickly approaching for my old girl Oaky and brother dog Barkley.
Even dogs get that big C which makes life so sad and hard..... but no matter how tough it is Oaky smiles through it all loving the cuddling on the couch and that extra cookie each evening.

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