Tuesday, October 19, 2010

What a Life

Imagine being able to run like the wind?
Running up front leading the way, flying along without a care in the world.

Having had many children and they all excel in what you were born and bred to do?

The adventures that were seen, the many different trails that led in so many wonderful places.
The thrill of the race.  The joy that it would bring making you leap and strain to get going 'right now!'

Then as you age you move to a new home with less noise, less craziness yet are still able to play with and boss around 3 young ones as though they were your ow

As you age and your joints get stiff you are allowed to come and lay on the soft cushions that are set out just for you, an extra helping of meat or even better two cookies in one night!

It was a good life.

Two homes with many who cared for and loved you.

Our Oaky... the Oakinator... My pokey Oaky....
The funny way you used to rub your head all over my hair..... the way you hated your head touched, well unless you said it was okay.
You used to love going for walks, smelling everything you could... and pooping while you walked making us humans step in it when we had not realized you were going (I'm pretty sure you did that on purpose!).
You loved to lay in the sun and your face almost seemed to smile in the warmth.

My Oaky... the girl who saved my boy... led him on many wonderful adventures.. some with tangled memories of pups and line all mixed together while they all awaited help.. Oaky so patient just sitting there.
Oaky who led my boy on a few races himself.. .taught him how to mush.  Taught him how to care deeply after she ran away for 2 days, coming back covered in oil.

You will be missed Oaky.
                                                   Oaky July 1996 to October 2010

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