Friday, April 22, 2011

Challenge #3 First Love

Your First Love

blink, blink, blink.... the cursor line doohicky thing has been flashing in front of me for some time as I think about who.. or what my first love was. blink, blink, blink....

Do I talk about a non-memory? Being brought into this world into the waiting arms of my mom and dad?  Technically they were my first love.

Or perhaps it would be my first remembered love. Pippy my black and white cat. Named after a favorite character of mine at age 9, Pippy Long Stockings.  Although I suppose Tiger the cat I found homeless only days before receiving Pippy as a kitten for my birthday would have to be my first love. 
My poor parents.  We had been animal-less and I find this sad, but sweet cat whom I moved into the garage before asking if I could keep him.  "please? oh please????? He has no home, you can't let him go again!!"   How can  you say no to a pleading 'save the world'  9 year old cries, even if you have just purchased a kitten as a surprise for your daughters birthday?

However most would say a first love would be of the romantic nature between two humans in a non parental form.

And what is love?  My sons belief at the moment is that love is like Santa Clause... it is not real, all a story told to children to make them believe that the Prince or Princess of your dreams is out there waiting for you.  Yet my boy just had his heart crushed by young love, so he still has yet to find that 'true love' out there... and it IS out there if you allow it into your life.

But I digress... my first love?

It would have to be a boy I met in Ontario when I was about15. 
My girlfriend and I used to do this thing with the phones... oh, by sharing this story my true age is going to be shed here.... so, before Internet, we used to dial certain numbers on those old rotary phones.. no cel phone service or even cordless.. no cordless anything back then. 
Well we would dial a phone number, I believe it was a school number in Hamilton, in the evening when nothing was open (oh yeah, no answering machines either)  Between rings you could talk  yell to others who would also dial the number and get phone numbers from guys who were on the same line (who in the blazes discovered this anyway???)

Anyhow.. this fellow was on here and we started talking via the phone... and one thing led to another and we decided to meet at the mall.
My girlfriend was with me... and when we saw this 'guy' she was a little freaked out and said we should leave... but I was curious after our many phone conversations to actually meet this long haired heavy rocker looking dude.
Hair down to his waist long... probably kinda Goth looking in those days if you had to label him.

Well that is how we met... and the relationship was a long one for the age we were... 3 years of on and off...breaking each others hearts.. young love.

Then I moved. Across Canada move.

Although we kept in touch for the first year... Not only had I moved in distance but also in my mind... I was making new friends and eventually dating other 'guys'

So, yeah, that would be my first love. 
Now Shaun Cassidy... he would have been my first crush... I still remember sighing over him with his picture hanging all over my walls!

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