Saturday, April 30, 2011

Challenge #10

Something you don't leave the house without

I honestly cannot think of anything besides the clothes on my person that I feel naked without when I leave the house.

I've been known to not take my keys if I'm with hubby, and that also includes my wallet.. no money in it anyway so why bother if I'm not driving.
I have a million purses... well okay, maybe not a million, but lots.  I love purses.. yet I don't really carry them around with me all the time.  Odd eh?
Perhaps I collect purses like hubby collects rocks when we are out hiking or on holidays.  Yet instead of displaying them on the window ledges I cram them into the bottom of my bedroom closet.

I suppose the one thing that usually gets popped into a pocket is my phone.  Owning a business with staff put me into the habit of having it with me all the time. Since selling the store it seemed pointless to have it with me.  Now I think it is a way of keeping connected with my kids more than anything else.

We recently got new 'Smart Phones' and I do agree with the hubby... I think that name means the phone is smarter than the user.  There are still many features on it that I don't understand.... however it IS a pretty phone.

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