Sunday, April 10, 2011

Missing Molly

I sit here inside on a beautiful sunny warm spring day.

Inside? Yeah it sucks, I know.  I've started this chore of cleaning up and re-arranging my bedroom and it really needs to be finished today, if possible.  Then there is the dreaded task of paper work that is left over from the days of owning my own business.
I keep putting that chore off by finding other things to do, and let me tell you, scrubbing the dog poop buckets out is way more appealing to me.

So, here I sit, inside.  As you can see I'm not cleaning my room as I need to do.

My thoughts have been with my little girl Molly today.  I really miss her very much, and have been unable to talk about her..... until today.
I think it might help me to feel right about my decision if I put it all down into words.
The decision was made.  It had to be made, for the sanity of the humans and furry kids alike.

Molly and Penny hated each other.  Seriously hated each other, to the point of drawing blood.
The final fight that led to Molly leaving us was a bad one, Penny lost the tip of her ear and Molly was lucky to not lose the muscle on the front of her leg.   And this fight happened while on line racing.
Up until then the only fighting we had was in the yard or if they got too close on the truck.  They seemed to ignore each other while running as a team, until now.

Molly was chosen as the pup to move to our friends kennel as she seemed to have a personality to suit that kind of life.  Besides she isn't a lead dog and Penny is.  Without Penny we didn't have much of a team.

Molly has fit right into life at the W's.  She has made many friends and has a kennel mate named Pierre, a big white Sibe.  She seems happy there, and that makes me happy, but still doesn't fill that hole in my heart that has been left by her leaving.
When a dog passes over that rainbow bridge it is hard and your heart aches for that companion.  When you have to give a healthy young dog up for other reasons it breaks your heart.  It is taking me much longer to get over missing my girl.

I miss her deep howl that she used when playing with her brother.  I miss the huge wide grin she gave when getting her neck scratched.  I miss how she would sit down when you started to pet her - every time.
I just miss her.

However I do not miss the fence fighting between her and her sister.  I do not miss having to walk the dogs separately (Hubby and I can actually walk them together now!). I love the fact that all the dogs hang out together now all at once.  I love the fact that I can open up my back door and they come and go as they please.

I still miss my Molly though... I always will.  At least I can go and see her whenever I want.

It looks like that we will be bringing in a replacement for our little team.  And although no dog will ever replace my Molly, there is no other way to explain why we are bringing in another pup.  A boy (no more girls for me) named Bearcub... Hubbas daddy... a sweet boy who will help lead my dogs and who knows,  between him and Hubba I might actually place in skijouring,,,, maybe making the top 5?  The top 3?

However I still miss my Molly.

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Carole Forhan said...

The way this blog started, it sounded as if you had had put her to sleep, instead she lives about five miles away from you, haha! Don't be blue about it, I expect she's in her glory with a handsome new kennel mate. Life is a bit easier for you too, as you can have the dogs together in the yard and take them together for their walk, and you can walk twice as far, which would be good exercise for you and the doggies.