Saturday, April 9, 2011

Blowing the Dust Off

Today I've given myself the task of cleaning up my bedroom to make room for a new dresser I received as a birthday gift.

The dresser is great.  Nice and big for all my clothes that at the moment sit in baskets on the floor or in the closet.  I haven't had a 'working' dresser for years. It is going to be such a treat.
However we live in a very small, very old house with very tiny rooms.... and it turns out that the way the room is set up there is no where to put this great dresser.

I have to turn the bed, but under the bed is years of collected things.  Most of them have ended up in the garbage (why do we hang on to stuff?)

It has taken me hours to go through all of these things.  Only because I like to look through it all. 

The best find so far has been a box of all my old journals.
And I'm talking journals that go back to 1983!! 
The journals of the birth of my kids are there.
Their first days of school, in fact their firsts of everything are here, hidden in a box under my bed.

I blow the dust off of the one on top open the cover and inside find words printed on old paper from thoughts I had many years ago.  What a wonderful discovery.

Date: January early 2000's

Time mocks me - flashes on my little bedside clock. on. off. on. off.
Counting the seconds forward, never resting - on to the future.
Of a minute... a fleeting thought
An hour... a sigh, a yawn, a chapter read
A day... fellowship enjoyed, tears shed, work done
A month... money in, money out, deals made, hands shook, connections with loved ones many miles away
A  year... my babies grow older as do I

Wrinkles show up - age creeps upon me - any wisdom gained?
New friends come, old friends leave.
And time ticks on, uncaring.

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