Thursday, April 21, 2011

Let the Challenge Begin

Challenge #1
Alrighty O, here I go...

Introduce yourself with a recent picture and 15 interesting facts

1. I'm a girl. 
2. Never said I was interesting.

Oh, alright... I'll try to be a little more creative here...

1. I was born a girl... no, wait.. .I'm not done.  I was born a girl, but wish I was a boy.. I'm a tomboy at heart and feel that men have way more advantages in their physical abilities to do some way cool stuff.  Sure girls can do whatever they set their mind too.. but sometimes it is just way easier for a guy. 

2. As much as I've wished to be a boy.. I've loved, LOVED being a mom to the two most wonderful, talented, incredible kids that anyone could ever ask for. I could talk about my kids 24/7, but I'm pretty good about holding back.

3. Married.... 27 years this August... Still married in this day and age seems crazy.. 27 years! We've been together for 29.. man that makes me feel old. There have been some pretty rocky moments in the last few years that have almost set us over the edge.. but we've hung on to that cliff with white knuckles so far. I actually cannot imagine being with anyone else in my old age, so I'll continue to hang on.

4. Addiction they say runs in the family,,, and we have a few (not opening any closets or sharing dirty laundry),,, but I carry this gene.  I've been pretty lucky with my addictions however... and to name a few...

5. I love to read.  However once I start reading a particular author or theme I'm pretty much digging out all and anything I can get my hands on... the latest topic has been dog sledding

6. Which brings me to #6.. Dog sledding and dogs.. I love my pups.. and dream of land with MORE pups and the ability to hop on a sled outside my back door and just go.

7. Scrapbooking... If I could in my spare time do nothing but play with papers, pens and photos I would.  when sitting down to a good movie with my hubby it's all I can do to not head up to the craft room and start playing.  But I spend way too much money on 'things' for this addiction....

8. My love for scrapbookin' comes from my need to be creative.  I miss my days of acrylic and oil painting.. and this has allowed me to keep that part of me alive.  The paints were put away when the kids came along and I'm not entirely sure why. And not only do I use scrapbookin' as a creative channel but I also journal.. I have so many books full of thoughts, stories, poems and randomness that I probably have contributed to at least 3 fallen trees.

9. I'm addicted to movies. I will watch anything that comes my way. Nothing gets done in our house as hubby shares this addiction with me.  We don't have cable as I find I cannot handle the crap that spews out of the box when the TV is on.  However I can sit down and watch and enjoy the worst B rated movie that was ever produced... need a good laugh, or head hanging shame moment? Watch 'Ankle Biters' (I never did watch the entire movie, it was THAT bad)

10. I want to go back to school. In the worst way. I've been to college for Art, Business, and Teacher Assistant... I've used all three over the years.. but I want, no, I need more!
That said.. I'd love to go back and get a degree in Art History... I can see myself as a little old lady professor in some old University somewhere.  Dreams.. Can't let go of those.

11. I've traveled to England, France, the West coast of the States and all but 1 province and 2 territories of my own country... and I want to keep going... speaking of dreams... I want to see all of Europe, China, Egypt, Africa.. well... you get the picture.

12. I do not look my age... I do not act my age... in fact I refuse to grow up anytime soon.

13. I talk too much.

14. I love my job.... I work with an amazing young woman whom I have fun with on a daily basis.

15. I miss my old job... I loved my coffee shop and regret daily letting it go... and although I do not miss the work that came with it I really miss my staff and customers... in the worst way.

Making snow angels... I tell ya.. I'm never gonna grow up!

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