Tuesday, April 19, 2011

All For You

What I wouldn't do for my children.... what I wish I could do for my children.

I feel their joy and happiness and their sorrows and pain.
I just wish I could take all the hurt away.

I know that everything that happens to us is happening for a reason.  That if one door closes another opens in it's place.
Life lessons.

It is also understood that it is these doors that sometimes slam shut make us into who we are, better and stronger for it.  Could it not hurt so much?

Today I'm just wanting to wrap my arms around my baby boy, hold him and take away his pain.  Tell him that there are great things waiting for him.   He's still young and there is so much more that this life has to offer him yet.
He's a wonderful young man who cares ever so deeply about everyone and everything around him.
...and that YES you ARE good enough!!!  For anything you put your mind too.

I love you very much baby boy.... and no matter what the physical distance is between us I will always be there for you. 
For both my babies.

There is still so much waiting for you, be strong, be patient, know that so many love you.

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