Thursday, April 28, 2011

TV Schmeevy Challenge #9

Challenge #9 says I should list my favorite TV shows.

Well we don't have cable... we didn't really watch much TV... besides the news, the odd sports game, Food Network and the Discovery Channel... there wasn't much we put on.
I hate reality TV shows.. they are all the same and get boring very fast (although RuPauls Drag Race is the best by far).
So over a year ago now we let our cable go... and I don't miss it... at all.

Funny thing is we actually watch more TV shows now without the cable then we did with it.  HBO and other TV series DVD's have made their way into our home and we regularly watch them all... some of them a few times over.

So my top 10 TV shows are as follows in no particular order...

1. Kids in the Hall:  Yes I admit there was a time most of this show made me roll my eyes, but after being subjected to it over and over thanks to my son, and then seeing these guys live I'm hooked.  Buddy is my favorite character... and you will hear quotes from this show quite often in our home.

2. Monty Python and the Flying Circus: I've always loved this show from a little girl until now.. and their movies are the best (I absently minded forgot to make mention of those in my top movie picks). The dynamics between these men is pure genius.

3. Seinfeld: Who doesn't like a show about nothing?  And I bet you always call out "No soup for you!!!" when ordering soup from a deli... bet you do!!!  I've seen each of these episodes no less than 5 times each.. at least..

4. Dexter: Season 5 cannot come out on DVD fast enough for me.  I'm not sure what it is about the show I like so much.. a serial killer who is a family man... wow... creepy story line, and yet so many of us love it.  Very well done series and Michael C. Hall is brilliant in this... however...

5. Mr. Hall put on an amazing performance in Six Feet Under which is probably my top #1 pick for favorite show.  Everything about this series is terrific... great acting, good story lines, clever, humorous, thought provoking with daring topics... so sad it is over.

6. Breaking Bad.. If you liked Pulp Fiction then I think you would enjoy this show.  Again daring topics which I've never seen done in a TV show.. very well done and I cannot wait for the new season to come out on DVD.. it's taking way too long!

7. Deadwood.. It took me the first two shows to get into this series.. and once I got past the language I fell in love.  Based on real characters from the past it got me so caught up that I'm extremely disappointed that the creators ran out of money... I wait with held breath for the movie that is suppose to come out to conclude this series.

There are sooo many more shows that I've enjoyed over the years.. they all belong on my list of 10.. such as M*A*S*H and Cheers.. the first two seasons of 24, and the first two seasons of Prison Break (to me they both got monotonous after that).. Simpsons and Family Guy would be on that list too..
Instead I thought I'd add the last 3 shows that were my faves when I was a kid..

8. Star Trek:  Yes I admit it, I was a trekky. It was so futuristic, so ahead of it's time and exciting, I mean every week Captain James T Kirk was always getting into a situation that you just didn't know how he would get out of.  (I did love the new Trek movie.. it followed the original characters very well.. that should have been on my fave movie list too!)

9. Gilligans Island: Man I looked forward to this show each week, if anything to just sing along to the opening song. It was always funny with ridiculous situations that even as a kid I knew were down right stupid.. but I kept coming back to the show over and over.. hmm.. perhaps I need to purchase this series?? It's been years since I've seen it.

10. The Goodies.. and if you know this show.. yeah.. the stupidest thing going.  And I'm not sure but it probably only ran 1 season in Canada... but.. at 13 it made me laugh till pop came out of my nose!

However I have to add Batman to this list as loved and faves as a kid.. I used to dress up and pretend I was this amazing super hero (hey! I was like only 3 years old, give me a break!).. so if I missed out on listing him it would be my bad considering I watched this show for years.

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