Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Wishy, wishy, wish

Challenge #22
Name 3 wishes

Three wishes?

Wishes depress me, they all have to do with what stresses me most which I 'kinda' talked about in the last post.

So... here are my 3 wishes that I would ask for as of right now, at this moment in time.... Tuesday evening on May 10th while I sit in my living room on my green couch while watching re-runs of my favorite TV show, Six Feet Under.

Hmmm wish #1... let's see.  I really felt like dessert after dinner tonight, which we didn't have as we are trying to be good and healthy... so my wish is to 'screw' healthy and have a huge banana split placed in front of me with 1 huge scoop of vanilla ice cream, 1 huge scoop of Strawberry ice cream and another of chocolate.. all smothered in caramel sauce with fresh strawberries and whip cream and cherries.

Wish #2 ... I wish, wish, wish... hmmm... honestly... the banana split right about now is all I can think of... so how about a large mug of hot chocolate with a good portion of Caramel Baileys mixed in to have along side.

Wish #3... Well... honestly I'm not really sure.... oh wait I know.. how about that my wish #1 and #2 be zero calories and no fat.. how awesome would that be??

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