Friday, May 20, 2011

Blowin' (dog hair) in the Wind

It is that time of year again.  The one where we eat, breath and live dog hair.  And in our house we like to do it one dog at a time, just 'cause it is so much more fun that way. 

Rocky is the first to start and he LOVES being brushed and scratched.  It makes me feel like the process is an itchy one.  Keep in mind he has just started.. just wait a few days when it really blows.

"Oh yes!! under the collar, ohhhhh.. harder!! Wait, I'll just push my head into your hand harder.... ahhhh."

"Now the butt, under the tail please!! Come on lets go, it's sooo itchy!!!"

"Whatcha stop for?"

And this is nothing.. it is only from his right hip.. and there is still more to come.. I should be saving it to get it spun into yarn... At the moment we have birds with top quality nests in our neighbourhood.

"Fine, I'll just sit here with my new baby"

"UH,,, What about me??? Your not paying any attention to me!"

Hubba Bubba.. Your too close!!

"Uh.. okay is this better?"

Still a little too close, come on Hubba, give me some space.. kay?

"Uh.. kay... there... space right?  I love you"

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