Monday, May 2, 2011

My Dream House

Challenge #12 Says to talk about your dream house.

Well lets see....

Windows that are not drafty or cracked... doors that are not drafty... a roof that is in tact, new shingles, no holes in the bedroom ceilings... closet space... kitchen about more than 2 feet of counter space?.... a bathroom that is larger than a closet... maybe 2 bathrooms!  A full size dining room... carpets without stains.... a laundry room that is insulated so you can use your machine when it is below zero....a yard with grass.

Take all of that and correct it in my home and you have my dream home... actually place my fixed up home on a large piece of land away from the tracks and stupid whistling trains in the middle of the night and all day long.. THEN you have my dream home.

Lately however I've been wistfully day dreaming of a cabin in the middle of nowhere.. away from traffic, and people.. a life in the bush.   But then I think about having to gut and clean my food and I change my mind.


ainnirbard said...

And lots of sledding trails everywhere, right? :)

Insomnia said...

but of course!!! I would have it no other way