Saturday, May 7, 2011

The Killing of Birds and Oral Projectiles

I've had the most interesting? 
Interesting, well yeah, that word is better than any to describe the day I had yesterday.

Let's just say that it involved another human, sharing the small space that I work in, who was experiencing involuntary release of bodily fluids orally.
And let me add that this small space we share was inescapable for 45 minutes.

Hmmm.. what do I do for a living you ask?  I could say that I work for NASA as we navigate small floating capsules that orbit the earth... I could say that, yes I could.  I work as a stratospheric navigator with a fellow space traveller as we parallax planetary nebula in the Seyfert Galaxies. 
I have no idea what that means... but it sounds way cooler than 'we do deliveries'

All that is another story, for another time, on another planet.
Instead I thought I would kill 2 birds with 1 stone and do 2 of the challenges today....  which does not actually include the killing of any birds (for all you Peta's out there)

Challenge # 16 asks about any nicknames I may have.

Technically I have lived all my life with a nickname.  When I was born my parents named me and had that name legally placed onto my birth certificate... then took me home and proceeded to call me another name completely different than the one originally chosen.  So if you want to be all techie then the name Shelley could be considered my first real nickname.... and I do think of it as so... considering only family and 'old' friends now call me by this name.  (not even my kids or hubby think of me as Shelley.. at least I don't think so)

Pumpkin would be a second nickname that came to me via my father when I was a little girl and Hubby started calling me honey bella a few years back, but doesn't use it very often as it reminded me of a character from a movie we once watched and I felt it was a stolen nickname.
Mom, or Mommy can that be considered a nick name?

However when I think nickname I think of names that are given to you for 'other' reasons that remind me of a private joke... a name that gets stuck and the reason for it fades but the name does not.

Fred..... Roach..... Rockel.... Mugsy (was my nickname from my hubby while I owned the store, but hasn't been used since).... and Chelle (pronounced shell) is the biggest one, however that one is plain obvious.... and last but not least is Boss Lady.

Challenge # 17 wants a favorite picture of yourself with an explanation of why... I don't really have a favorite picture of me... I've gained way too much weight over the years and do not feel good about myself.  I tend to not be in many photographs either.... however I did pick one that works for this challenge.. and a challenge it turned out to be...... I'm not sure what I love so much about this particular picture... perhaps it is because I don't look 'fat'... or because I was having fun with this series of pictures.. or it could be because I'm with my lucky Penny.
In any case it would be this picture, and it feels like a cheat as this picture has already been shared once in this blog somewhere.... but too bad... it is the one I've chosen.

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